Back to School Savings with Cookies Kids

8 Ways to Save Money Back to School Shopping #backtoschool

Back to School Savings with Cookies KidsI can’t believe how quickly that this summer has flown by. My teenagers go back to school in three weeks and I haven’t gotten all of my back to school shopping done yet. Last week I was searching for my older son because he has outgrown most of his clothes over the summer and I wanted to get him  some new clothes for school. After browsing countless websites looking for a good deal, I finally found an online children’s discount store called Cookies Kids. They have a wide variety of children’s clothing for baby, infants, girls, boys, shoes, and school uniforms.

Disclosure: I received free clothing from Cookies Kids in order to facilitate this post. This doesn’t change the way that I feel about their products. All opinions are 100% my own.

When I found some clothes that I liked, I called my son over to the computer and the first thing that I looked at was boys jeans. I am always worried about finding jeans that fit him properly because he is slender. We found some slim jeans in his size and I couldn’t believe that they were only $9.99. When we received them a few days ago, they were exactly what we ordered and they look nice on him.

Then we headed over to the boys shorts were we found a large variety of shorts in his size. He picked out two pairs of cargo shorts and one pair of athletic shorts. After he finished picking out his shorts, we made our way to look at the t-shirts that they had in his size. He found three new shirts.

Cookies Kids has an amazing selection of children’s clothing at discount prices. I love that they have a guide to help you determine what size of clothing that you need to order based on your child’s height and weight. We used this to determine what size of pants that we needed to order for my son. It was pretty accurate because the pants that I ordered my son fit him even though they were a little bit loose in the waist ( a belt will be sufficient and give him room to grow). We were quickly able to determine what they had in stock because I was able to narrow my search based on size, color, brand, and price.

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11 responses to “8 Ways to Save Money Back to School Shopping #backtoschool”

  1. rocky Avatar

    Thanks for sharing, I will definitely check this out!

    1. Christy Avatar

      It is a great place to get great deals on kids clothes.

  2. Pam Rote Avatar

    new site for me to check out–I’ve always bought clearance a size up for the next season–even t’s from summer sales are great with a long sleeve white or black shirt great way to stretch out the wardrobe!

    1. Christy Avatar

      I love clearance shopping and would do that when my older kids were little especially with payless bogo sales. I would find clearance and buy several sizes at once.

  3. Michele Avatar

    There is a Cookies store not that far from me. It is always crowded. They have great selections at great prices. As good as thei store is-I am sure that their on line store is just as good if not better–no crowds!

    1. Christy Avatar

      I did enjoy that there weren’t any crazy crowds. It is nice to be able to shop online. 😉

  4. Rabia @TheLiebers Avatar

    I’m checking out Cookie’s right now!! Awesome deals! Thanks for sharing it!!

    1. Christy Avatar

      Your welcome, I hope you entered my giveaway too. 😉

  5. Leelo R Avatar

    Great tips! I love when the seller has a guide to help determine what size of clothing child needs to order based on child’s height and weight!

    1. Christy Avatar

      I am thankful that they had the size guide because my son is kinda hard to shop for because he is super skinny.

  6. Tanya holland Avatar
    Tanya holland

    They have such cute clothes on this site. With 3 kids, any ways to save money are helpful.