Baby Weaning Tips Infographic

Today, I wanted to share with you this great infographic created by Ollie Smith at Apta Club. This inforgraphic covers most of the questions that mom’s have about baby weaning. I remember when I started weaning my own babies and they were all different when it came to weaning them. My daughter didn’t start eating table food until she was over 6 months old and my boys wanted food at an earlier age. The boys always seemed hungrier.

If you have a breastfed child, you should also read my post on how to effectively wean your baby from the breast.


3 responses to “Baby Weaning Tips Infographic”

  1. Allie Avatar

    This chart could be really helpful for new parents. But I don’t understand why they said weaning should take place no later than 26 weeks.

  2. tara pittman Avatar
    tara pittman

    No more babies for me but when I have grandkids I will make them great food like this.

  3. Jana Avatar

    There are some excellent baby weaning tips here!