How to Make Bathing Your Infant More Enjoyable?

Water Temperature – A baby’s skin is very sensitive; especially, a newborn.  It is important that you ensure that the water isn’t too hot before putting your baby into the bath tub.  Water that is too hot can easily burn your baby’s skin.  If you don’t have a bathtub thermometer, you can put some water on the inside of your wrist.  If the water feels too hot to you on the inside of you wrist, then it is way too hot for your baby.  The water should be warm to the touch.

Use Towels/Wash Clothes – If you are using a sink to bath your baby in, you can line the sink with towels or wash clothes.  This will help keep your baby stable and prevent them from slipping.  Also, a small towel or wash cloth can be used to drape over your baby, this he will help keep your baby warm.  With my last baby, I had a bath buddy that I used to help keep my baby warm while in the bath tub.  It is designed to cover their tummy, arms, and legs unlike a square wash cloth.

Water Level – A newborn doesn’t need much water in the sink or baby bath tub in order to be bathed.  In fact, until they can sit up and hold their head up, you should only add 2-3 inches of water into their bath tub.  Instead, scoop the water onto your baby using a wash cloth or small cup.

Holding Your Baby While Bathing – Holding a slippery baby isn’t easy; especially, when your baby can’t hold their head up or sit up alone. I always placed my baby in the baby bath tub and when I had to soap him, I would wrap my arm around him and place my hand under his shoulder that was farthest away from my body.  Then I would hold him up while, I soaped his back and rinsed him off.   I personally used a baby bathtub, but if you are using the sink or a big bath tub then you would need to constantly hang on to your baby using the technique I used above.

Did you use an infant bathtub for your newborn?


8 responses to “How to Make Bathing Your Infant More Enjoyable?”

  1. Rebel Sweetheart Avatar

    Good thing my son enjoyed bathing even when he was still a baby. It really helps to have toys to keep the baby preoccupied while bathing.

    1. Christy Avatar

      My son didn’t like to get cold, so we had luve buddy. We would put it over his body and pour water over it to keep him warm.

  2. Pepper Tan Avatar

    When I started bathing my baby, it was so unnerving. Eventually, I got the hang of it and it became a bonding experience for us both. It’s good to talk to your baby while giving him or her a bath 🙂

    1. Christy Avatar

      It’s harder when they are tiny because they are so slippery when they are soaped up.

  3. April - My Bizarre Family Avatar

    Great tips! My daughter always loved being bathed…but my son would scream bloody murder if you got water on his face. I miss the clean baby smell!

    1. Christy Avatar

      A clean baby is one of my favorite smells as well.

  4. Leigh Avatar

    My babies always loved baths – still do. I think that cookie monster towel would add to the fun though!

    1. Christy Avatar

      The cookie monster towel is very cute.