Benefits of Practising Meditation During Pregnancy

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Meditation has many benefits for our bodies and has been used as a wellness technique for thousands of years. If you are expecting, meditation can be a great way to connect with your baby and prepare you for your delivery. Sound interesting? In this article, we are going to explore the different benefits of practicing meditation during pregnancy. Let’s get started!

Decreases anxiety and depression

While feeling a little bit anxious during pregnancy is normal, too much can affect your mental wellbeing and have an impact on your baby. By practicing meditation, you can learn to control your different emotions and cast out any negative energy you may be feeling. It almost acts as a way to totally relax without having to worry about any unwanted thoughts.

Helps you when in labor

One of the most amazing benefits of practicing meditation during pregnancy is that it can potentially help you during labor. All the deep breathing can relax your central nervous system during childbirth and may even reduce your perception of pain/time spent in labor. Some people have been amazed by their experience, recommending it to all expecting mothers.

It can help with high blood pressure

High blood pressure can be a common symptom during pregnancy and can cause significant problems. Meditation has been proven to help relieve high blood pressure in a variety of studies, making it a great option. While you may still need to take medication, one individual named Jerome Smith found that he didn’t need such a high dosage when practicing the calming techniques.

You can learn more about yourself

Preparing for the birth of your child isn’t always easy, especially if you don’t know much about yourself in the process. Meditation can help you connect with your inner thoughts and learn more about who you are. You can even use various props to assist you. Check out how to use Buddhist prayer beads if you are interested in getting started.

Assists with fatigue and insomnia

Another common symptom to have when pregnant is either extreme fatigue or insomnia. Meditation has been shown to be beneficial in both of these departments, either allowing you to relax for sleep or improving productivity and boosting energy. If you have either of these issues, it can definitely be worth trying out.

It allows you to cope with pregnancy changes

Pregnancy changes our bodies in a number of different ways, and for some of us, that is difficult to comprehend. Stretch marks, bloating, and swollen feet are things that are a part of pregnancy, even though they aren’t the most flattering. Meditation allows you to have a more positive outlook on your body so that you aren’t so concerned about the changes.

And that’s it! These were the different benefits associated with meditation and pregnancy. It certainly is a great practice to get into, regardless of if you are expecting or not. 

“The thing about meditation is: You become more and more you.”

David Lynch



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