The Biggest Safety Mistakes Parents Can Make


When it comes to welcoming children into your life, there is no greater joy for moms and dads. However, despite the love parents feel for their children, there is a learning curve involved. Children require constant care, love, and support, which, means the life you once knew is about to change drastically.

Most parents spend the nine months of pregnancy baby proofing the house, making adjustments to their homes where they see fit; however, there are still safety concerns that baby proofing cannot fix entirely. Here are some of the biggest safety mistakes parents can make:

Not Being CPR Certified

Accidents can happen in the blink of an eye. From choking on a piece of food to falling and hitting their head, there are many unexpected accidents that can happen, seriously hurting injuring your child. In case of these events, it is a wise idea to take SafeNow infant CPR classes, as CPR might be able to save your child’s life.

Leaving Your Children Alone in the Bathtub

Most people do not intentionally set out to leave their small child alone in a bathtub; however, there are moments when you turn your back for a couple of minutes, whether it be to answer the phone, get the door, or help your other children. Leaving your child alone in the bathtub even for just a minute or two can lead to them drowning, as they can lose consciousness in a matter of minutes. No matter what you do, do not leave your child alone in the bathtub. If you have to leave, make sure you bring your child with you.

Drinking Hot Liquids While Holding Your Baby

Baby skin is much more sensitive than adult skin. While most parents live on caffeine in the early stages of their children’s lives, hot liquids can burn a child’s skin. It is best to drink your hot coffee or tea when you are not holding your child to avoid the hot beverage liquid spilling out and scalding your baby’s skin.

Neglecting to Teach Your Children About Fire Safety

Many parents teach their children about stranger danger, or what to do if they get separated from each other, but, many parents neglect to teach their children about fire safety. While children are quick to see and know police officers are safe people to seek out if in danger, many are unaware that firemen can also be trusted.

In the event of a fire, teaching your children not to hide from firemen can save their lives. Many children tend to hide from the fire, hiding in closets or under furniture, which can make it difficult for firemen to find them. Consider visiting a fire station and having your children meet a firefighter and see fire safety demonstrations.

Leaving Your Purse Unattended

Purses can be extremely hazardous. Babies tend to get into everything that is left in their reach, and purses are very tempting. However, most purses are filled with dangerous objects that babies can choke on, including spare change, medications, gum, etc. Keep your purse out of their reach in order to avoid any injuries.

Keeping these safety measures in mind can help you prevent a dangerous accident harming your child.

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    The biggest mistake of toddler’s parents is to worry about their kid all the time and think that anything can happen. You should calm yourself and enjoy the life.