Is Budgeting An Evil Word?

budgetI remember growing up hearing my parents talk about this thing called budgeting.  Back then it seemed like it was a million miles away. After all when you are a teenager what does a budget really mean? You make $100 and you spend $100, isn’t that how it works? After being married for over 21 years and parenting 4 children of my own I can say without a doubt that budgeting is extremely important.

I can’t remember when I made the switch from spending whatever I made to actually thinking about my future, but at some point over the years the hard reality became even more real to me. If I don’t budget I will always be broke. Let me tell you something you already know. Know one likes being broke. Money does matter. It may not be the most important thing but if you want the freedom to do the things you want to do with your family in the future you can’t rob from it today.

There is an old saying, “Good things come to those who wait”. This is absolutely sobering but true. If we can hold off on buying things that we don’t exactly need now, we will be able to really be able to afford them later. Don’t fall into the trap of so many Americans today. A bigger house or newer car is not going to bring you happiness. Sure it may scratch an itch today but that same itch will come back next month even stronger. If you have to borrow money to buy something then you may not be able to afford it. Over leveraging your future is usually not a wise life decision.

In closing we would like to emphasize one very important again, “budgeting”. Assign every dollar to a category and keep it in that category. If you spend all of the money assigned for the month, then eat peanut butter and jelly until the budget renews 🙂 In the end you will be wiser, wealthier, and most of all happier!

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Do you overspend for things like Christmas and birthdays?

What can you do to get on a fixed budget where every dollar is assigned a category?






2 responses to “Is Budgeting An Evil Word?”

  1. Jamie Avatar

    A great reminder, especially after the typical Christmas spending sprees! Easier said than done, but it’s crazy how easy it can be to spend money. Our family just welcomed our second little boy into the world this past week and a few families from our church brought over meals for us… Even that reminded me of all the smart repeat frozen meal options that are healthy and budget friendly. Again, thanks for the reminder.

    1. Beverly Avatar

      Congrats on the second little one! We have 4 children so we certainly know what it means to be on a budget as well. Family time is more important than family money in our opinion. Money comes and goes, but no one can take those times/memories away.