Determining Whether You Should Lease Or Buy A Home

Real Considerations

Sometimes your best bet is going to be selling a mortgage. Sometimes you’ll want to buy one. Sometimes you’ll want to lease. Which situation works best for you will largely depend on your situation in life. Are you in a place to settle down and put down roots, or are you in a situation where doing so could end up costing you?

Here’s the thing: apartments are going to be throwing money down a hole. You don’t see that money again. It’s a like a lower-quality hotel—or a higher quality one, if you vie for the luxury option. Meanwhile a mortgage is a continuing investment. That said, the downside of a mortgage is property value declination.

You can’t trust your home’s value to remain constant. It either will go up in value, or it will go down in value. And, while there are certain things you can do to increase or decrease said value, there is a limit to profitability versus expense. Especially if the neighborhood starts to decline, you could see losses on your property investment.

Meanwhile, if you’re traveling around, or if you’re looking to find out whether a certain community “fits” your lifestyle, rental could be the way to go. This is especially true for job opportunities which require regular travel to new places. With that in mind, you want something that has a thread of consistency to it from place to place—like

Apartment Strategy

One of the most venerated apartment complexes in Denver is called Westend; according to, Westend is comprised of: “Brand new apartment homes featuring modern architecture, stylish interiors, thoughtful amenities, and a downtown Denver location that mingles the best of LoDo and LoHi.”

You can see more apartments by clicking the image below:

There are quite a few different kinds of apartment out there, and whether you go with a “basic” place or one of the “luxury” options, you can find something to fit your needs. That said, if you are in a situation where you’re not going to be permanently in a locality, it’s not a bad idea to go cheap.

Downsides To The Cheap Route

But like luxury apartments and mortgages, cheap apartments have their downsides. For one, they’re likely not going to be in the best of neighborhoods. If you want to have all variety of questionable neighbors making strange noises and getting the cops called at all hours of the night, go the thrifty route.

Secondly, cheap apartments aren’t likely to have the best care put forth toward their maintenance. Certainly they’ll be maintained at a base level between tenants, but the cheaper the apartment you choose, the more likely you’ll have utility issues that take forever to fix. In a more lux situation, this won’t be an issue.

Then there’s the hybrid option—owning and leasing simultaneously while being non-stationary. This is called the “nomad” lifestyle, and is often characterized by vans, RVs, and motorhomes.

Owning such a living situation brings practically no value in terms of the property itself over time, but you save money on things like rent, which can increase your standard of living and help you conserve assets. This is why so many millennials have taken to “vandwelling”.

The Bigger Picture

Whatever living solution you choose, two things must define it: it must be sustainable,

and you must be able to have happiness within it. Your level of contentment will have a lot to do with your attitude. Know what you want out of life, know what really matters, and wherever you live will be the home you’ve always wanted.






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