Don’t Worry If You Are Advised Amino Acids for Weight Loss

Amino acids are the best thing to start and support your weight loss. Although, how we put on weight or stay slim generally depends on our hormones. But here is an interesting way which may allow us to stimulate the body to produce enough fat-burning hormones in a natural manner and in harmony with the body’s needs. This is through the systematic supplementation of certain amino acids.

Amino acids and weight loss

One important fat-burning hormone is the growth hormone (somatotropin, STH). We produce this hormone while we sleep. It stimulates protein synthesis and boosts fat oxidation. Overweight patients generally have lower STH concentrations, which often hinders weight reduction. Unfortunately, the growth hormone is very expensive (approximately GBP 400–650 for a monthly ration) and must be injected under close and competent medical supervision.

It is thus safer to simulate our bodies to secrete this hormone naturally. Certain amino acids have been shown to do this in many cases if sufficient quantities are taken on an empty stomach at night.

As of now, let’s take an amino acid

If you are looking to get lean, there is an amino acid called carnitine that you may need. Studies have shown that obese patients may have a carnitine deficiency. If this is the case then carnitine substitution (food supplementation) is certainly worthwhile. It acts as a transporter that carries long-chain fatty acids through the inner mitochondrial membrane, where they may be oxidized to produce energy. It is hence considered as one of the best fat burner for you and me. For some, carnitine has also helped to reduce fatigue and serve as an appetite suppressant as well.

What makes Carnitine a fat burner?

As you now know, carnitine transports fatty acids more quickly and churns it into the metabolic flask. These fat-burning capabilities of l-carnitine help to breakdown fats more effectively than simply restricting your fat intake in the diet. This means that the body is burning fat instead of storing it.

However, the precondition is the optimal functioning of the fat metabolism and its regulation. L-carnitine plays a decisive role as an essential co-factor in both cases. A deficiency in l-carnitine therefore may reduce the breakdown of fatty acids in the mitochondrial section due to its function as a carrier. To add more, carnitine also regulates fat and carbohydrate metabolism for it is a substrate of the carnitine palmitoyl transferase (CPT).

This gives pretty clear evidence that carnitine can increase fat oxidation in certain cells of the body. Owing to its fat-oxidising effect, carnitine is considered as the most popular supplements for weight loss as well as fat burning.

How to use Carnitine for weight management?

A clinical study in 2013 attracted a great deal of attention. It showed that dietary supplementation with 500mg L-carnitine per day, in combination with considerable physical training may ensure significant weight loss in overweight individuals. If you want to try losing weight with Carnitine, it is good to begin by adding foods that naturally contain it such as low-fat dairy products, lean red meat, skinless chicken, fish, peanut butter, avocados, asparagus and whole wheat in your diet. If necessarily you can purchase supplements to increase your intake. Before taking L-carnitine supplements, check with your doctor, as this may not be safe for everyone. You will find out, if Carnitine is the ultimate go to for your weight loss soon.







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    Noor Ullah jan Jan

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