How to Make an EcoFriendly Easter Basket

How to Make an Eco-Friendly Easter Basket

I can’t believe that it is almost Easter, this year is flying by so quickly. Easter is one of my favorite times of the year because as the flowers and trees start blooming, I can easily see that the seasons are changing and that it is a season of hope.

We usually take my youngest to our church Easter egg hunt and it seems like yesterday, I was snapping photos and capturing his very first Easter egg hunt. Last year he was a pro and collected a huge basket of eggs. I expect the same again this year.

Today, on the blog I wanted to share with you an easy eco-friendly Easter basket. I remember making something similar when I was growing up.

Simply use a recycled milk jug to make this fun and easy Easter craft or decoration. Many people find that it is rewarding and important to use recycled items when creating crafts projects. Recycling helps save the Earth by finding a way to reduce or reuse products.

Milk jugs are something that many people throw away, but they can be turned into many festive holiday decor items.

Here are some instructions on creating recycled milk jug Easter crafts.

Milk Jug Basket

Milk Jug BasketImage Source – Craftingagreenworld


Supplies Needed for Your Eco-Friendly Easter Basket

For this project you will need brown or beige paint, a paintbrush, scissors, a razor, a marker, and a stapler. It is helpful to have newspaper or an old towel to place your milk jug on as the paint is applied and dries.

Optional supplies: ribbon, construction paper, glue


Start by cutting the milk jug in half, and remember to cut the milk jug right below the handle to make a good sized handle from the left over piece. Cut a strip a strip out of the top half of the milk jug going up toward the mouth and around back again to the bottom of the other side. Staple the handle to the basket.

Using the paint and the paintbrush decorate the Easter basket in a basket weave pattern. There are several different styles you can choose, and you can research different patterns on the Internet if you like. You can also go for a more natural look and paint a woven branch style basket if you like. When the paint has dried on your Easter milk jug craft fill it with other fun Easter decorations.

All Purpose Scissors

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Flat Paintbrush

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Beige Paint

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Pacon – Rainbow Construction Paper – 200 Sheets (9″ W x 12″ L)

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Do you enjoy making eco-friendly crafts with your children?

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  1. Sarah L Avatar
    Sarah L

    That is such a clever idea. I can’t wait for Spring!

  2. Pamela Gurganus Avatar
    Pamela Gurganus

    Oh, I love these Easter baskets! They’re so cute! And I love that they are environment friendly!

  3. Dominique Goh Avatar

    Lovely easter basket. Will try this one out with the youngest as she loves doing crafts.

  4. Cathy @ Our Mini Family Avatar

    Eco-friendly is awesome and so is this easter basket you made! Thanks for sharing–love it!

  5. onceuponamaritime Avatar

    A more eco-friendly option sounds really nice, I should give this a try this year!

  6. Heather Avatar

    Oh I thought it was a milk jug from the picture! It turned out amazing! You did a great job!

  7. Czjai Reyes-Ocampo Avatar

    Time sure flies fast! Can’t believe Easter is just around the corner. 🙂

  8. Esther Avatar

    This is such a cute idea! I love when we can make crafts all while reusing something we were going to throw away. My girls will love making these.

  9. lisa Avatar

    What a neat way to make Easter baskets! I bet my kids would enjoy making their own!

  10. Julie Wood Avatar
    Julie Wood

    This is so adorable and a really good craft item to make for Easter! I like how much fun it is to make and would love to make this with my niece!