Giveaway for Honeywell Air Filter

Enter to Win a Honeywell QuietClean Air Purifier Giveaway Ends 5/20

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Giveaway for Honeywell Air Filter

Welcome to the Honeywell QuietClean® Air Purifier Giveaway and Contest

Sponsor: Honeywell

Host: Parenting Healthy

How are your allergies this year? Here in the Pacific Northwest, we were hit hard with allergy symptoms this year. Everywhere I went from work to school meetings it was all anyone talked about-the suffering from allergies has been harsh! I have a cupboard full of allergy prevention and maintenance medications and products for myself and the rest of the family.
I live near Dallas/Fort Worth, TX and I deal with horrible allergies every single year. Because of our weather, I often deal with year round problems and get frequent sinus infections. Like Erinn said, I can’t afford to move and even if I did, it is possible that the allergens are just as bad there too. I really need to invest in an air purifier too.
Erinn’s 6 year old even got his very first ear infection with a sinus infection a few weeks ago. We cannot afford to move to a new climate, but I can clean up the air around me in my home with Honeywell Air Purifiers. I have the Honeywell QuietClean® Air Purifier and it is very quiet-like a soothing fan! It fits into any corner of the room and helps clean the air in medium to large rooms. We have a large Master Bedroom and I have it in there. In the summer, I will bring it to our living room near the sliding glass door that stays open a lot from the kids. It is important to me to have all of the ammo I can have against the stubborn allergens that sneak into my home and effect us all!
Honeywell QuietClean® Air Purifier
  • Traps up to 99% of ultrafine pollutants and allergens, including pollen, dust and dander
  • Removes odors and VOCs for refreshing air.
  • Up to 170 sq. ft. purification capacity
  • Washable filters
  • Quiet operation and you can select oscillation
  • Electronic push button controls with 3 cleaning levels
  • Circulates room air 5 times every hour
  • Built-in handle
  • Comes with optional odor and VOC reducing filter
Hurry! Until May 10, 2015, you can take this quiz and win prizes! Head to the Honeywell Are You Cleaning Cluelessly Quiz Page and get started today!
Here is a second way to win! Just enter below for your chance to win a Honeywell QuietClean® Air Purifier. Open to US. Ends on 5/20. Good luck!





4 responses to “Enter to Win a Honeywell QuietClean Air Purifier Giveaway Ends 5/20”

  1. Beatrice Pirtle Avatar
    Beatrice Pirtle

    I suffer from allergies year round…Terrible!

  2. Katherine Avatar

    This would help my son who suffers from allergies

  3. nicole krutz Avatar
    nicole krutz

    This would be very helpful between our pets and our allergies!

  4. Heidi Daily Avatar
    Heidi Daily

    I could most definitely use this! I have seasonal allergies, but just last most I had part of my lung removed because of a lung cancer, it was a small tumor found by chance. I have never smoked, but now I am even more diligent about keeping the air in our home clean.