Fun Activities During Pregnancy

Fun Activities During Pregnancy

Fun Activities During PregnancyIt is said that pregnancy is the greatest gift a woman can have. Those nine months may seem like a long period, but the truth is that – it will be the longest period for a future mother to get to know herself before she meets that new little person she will need every day. And in order for that period not to pass quickly, future mums should think of fun things to do in order not to forget about themselves completely, especially if taking pregnancy leave and having a lot of time on their hands. So keep on reading and consider these fun tips to pass your time during pregnancy.


Indulge Yourself

It may sound hard, but after those nine months you will not have much time for yourself or your partner because you two are going to have to take care of that new wonderful creature. This is why it is very important to indulge yourself and think of your needs only while you can. Have a manicure/pedicure once in a while, have your hair done, take lots of naps in advance, because you will have to charge batteries for what is to come. And good news! Chocolate is good for you and your baby! And even though it is allowed to enjoy it, think twice before slicing up the whole bar, because it may haunt you after the delivery. Of course, there are some things you should avoid, like alcohol or some types of food, but you can make a list of the things you would like to do or have after the pregnancy, so that you can look forward to them.

Go On a Trip

Going out into nature for a picnic or a one day trip may be a wonderful idea! And it is one of the easiest to organize, completely stress-free. All you need is a good will and a few friends or family members to invite. Or if you are into an atmosphere for just the two of you, organize a weekend trip to some romantic place to enjoy the sunset or to dip your toes into a lake or sea. Those moments you will definitely cherish for the rest of your life! Before travelling long distances, especially towards the end of your pregnancy, talk to your doctor to make sure it is okay to travel. If you can’t travel, you can consider a staycation and do something fun close to home or stay in a hotel.


Since the development and enormous popularity of Instagram in the recent years, pregnancy photography arose as a very creative field of self-expression. No longer is the mother’s body a taboo and the thing that is not supposed to be talked about. It has become a thing to celebrate, each day during her pregnancy. You can go to a professional photographer and to take photos of both of you and this can be a great gift for your baby when it grows up. And this need not be an activity for the mom only – ask your husband or boyfriend or girlfriend to assist you in taking photos every day. And by the time the delivery comes, you will have a beautiful collage of the changes your body went through and the small bump developing into that little bundle of joy you will hold in your arms and cherish in nine months (for more information visit pregnancy photography Melbourne).

Keep the Romance Alive

Since you will be the one bearing the child for some time, your husband may feel a bit neglected. This is why you should include him in all the changes you are going through. Plan a weekend date nights and take special care of him, because it is not all about you during that time. If you think that making love during pregnancy may harm the child, think again! If having doubts or questions, do not hesitate and ask your doctor who can give you advice on safe love making and suggest some safe new positions you can consider trying (spooning, for example, is one of the best choices for you not to get tired).

And when the Birth Day comes, you will of course want everything set for a new baby you are bringing to this world, but it is also important to keep memories of those days which still have not been changed by it. It may be fun to keep a diary during your pregnancy just to see what have hormones done with your thoughts!

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  1. Debbie Avatar

    Always indulge yourself. Great ideas.

  2. Danette Lykins Avatar

    Great ideas- thanks for sharing!

  3. Erika Avatar

    I’ve never been pregnant so it’s interesting to read this and see a new perspective. I definitely believe in “put on your own oxygen mask before helping others.” So I hope all mothers will remember to take care of themselves even after the baby is born.

  4. Virginia Gudiel Avatar
    Virginia Gudiel

    Awesome suggestions! I need to keep these in mind the next time around!

  5. Eliz Frank Avatar
    Eliz Frank

    I think it’s the best time to trulky nurture ourselves and practice good habits. I enjoyed carrying my twins and I agree about indulging ourselves.