Fun Ways to Get Your Kids to Help with Spring Cleaning

Fun Ways to Get your Child Involved in the Spring Cleaning

Fun Ways to Get Your Kids to Help with Spring Cleaning

If you haven’t start Spring cleaning, try these tips to get your kids involved in helping with the Spring Cleaning chore list. I know that most kids are more likely to help with the chores when they are having fun. Teaching them how to properly do the chores not only gets the done quickly but they are learning necessary life skills and how to work together as a team. Silvia Marks enjoys sharing cleaning tips and teaching parents how to get their kids involved with the household chores.

When the time for the Spring cleaning has finally come you had better start with all the preparations around this process. One thing that could be said without any hesitation is that you cannot manage all the household activities alone. Believe it or not kids are willing to help with the Spring cleaning if you turn it into a game or make it fun for them. Get the Spring Cleaning using these fun and creative tips. Despite the fact that they often lack discipline and concentration you will find that they love taking part in team work, regardless of its purpose. Cleaning duties usually do not attract children but everything depends on the individual approach of the parents. Plus, cleaning together as a team helps prepare them for real life work experiences where working together is necessary to get a project or task completed before its deadline.

There are certain ways in which you can involve them in the Spring cleaning and make it look fun and amusing activity. We all know that maintaining a high level of hygiene or cleanliness is essential for every home and it is very important to create the necessary cleaning habits in kids. Why not starting this with the so famous Spring cleaning? This is the ideal moment to include your children in a huge activity and to make them feel significant by taking part in the cleaning process. Here are some fresh ideas from MoveOutCleanLondon how to provoke kids’ attention and to get them involved in the Spring cleaning:

Turn On the Music

Cleaning, while singing and dancing can be very tempting for both kids and adults. Most kids love loud music and enjoy listening to it at any time of the day. You can definitely attract their attention if you turn on the music with the latest hits and start singing and dancing with the mop in your hand. Sounds crazy, but it is generally more effective than screaming, yelling, or nagging them to help with the chores. Removing of dust and vacuuming would no longer be boring activities if performed under the sounds of child’s favorite song. This is a great idea to be applied in many cases when the kid is reluctant to include itself in the Spring cleaning. Creating suitable mood always helps for the motivation of the children. I know that I personally enjoy cleaning when the tunes are playing. Plus, if you have the television on in the background chances are the television will distract your child and more than likely they will end up sitting in front of the tv instead of helping with the chores.

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6 responses to “Fun Ways to Get your Child Involved in the Spring Cleaning”

  1. Cheryl Avatar

    You nailed it with this one. Kids will do most anything you want them to as long as you make it fun. Who said work cannot be made fun? Who said kids can’t learn while having fun doing those things that need to be done?

    1. Christy Avatar

      Exactly Cheryl. I personally love cleaning when there is music on.

  2. Dr. Diana Avatar


    You are right, Music and other funny parties, competitions are the best ideas to get our child involved in the spring cleaning.

    Thanks for writing this informative article.


    1. Christy Avatar

      Thank you for visiting Dr. Diana. I agree that cleaning should be fun and enjoyable or you should at least try to have fun while doing it. 🙂

  3. Deanna @ mommyGAGA Avatar

    Thanks for the tips! I have had my kids compete against each other when it comes to cleaning up and it always works!

    1. Christy Avatar

      Great way to get the kids involved with helping with the chores. Thank you for sharing Deanna.