Choose Healthier Food Options for Your Childs Next Birthday Party

Healthy Alternatives to Classic Party Fare

Choose Healthier Food Options for Your Childs Next Birthday PartyWe just celebrated my son’s birthday party a few weeks ago and I am guilty of serving junk food at his party. We had cupcakes, ice cream, and soda. Today, I wanted to share with you some simple swaps that will cut down on the amount of junk food at your next birthday party, party, or tailgating party.

It’s a sad reality, but most children’s parties today are now overflowing with unhealthy, sugary snacks. Cupcake and cakepop decorating parties are all the rage, and sweets and cookies are now a staple of birthday parties, often being used to carry the other themes of the parties.

This has undoubtedly contributed to the growing obesity rates across the globe, and to the spreading mentality that it’s okay for snacks to be unhealthy, because they’re, well, just snacks. But it’s through these little changes that healthy eating and an overall healthier lifestyle for our children can be accomplished. Claire Hughes, the nutritionist who helped design the range of party food on Marks and Spencer, has said that “It’s too easy sometimes to look at things that they like to eat and give them those snacks, so we should look at trying to include more fruit and veg, dried fruit, chopped up vegetables with little pots of humus to dip in. Things like cereal bars, and smaller portions…”

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If you’re planning a party, don’t immediately reach for the phone and order those “tried and tested” favorites that have often plagued children’s parties. Forget about pizzas and tacos, cupcakes and cakes. Prepare your own party food that isn’t just healthy and a treat to look at, but also easy to prepare!

Try these 5 simple swaps next time you are planning a party.

Replace the Ice Cream with Sorbet

Swap Ice Cream for SorbetIce cream is something both children and adults love, and they’re bound to look for a scoop of this sweet, cold, dairy goodness in whatever party they go to. The problem? They’re packed full of calories and sugar! Instead of serving up store-bought ice cream, cook up a batch of fresh, creamy sorbets. Cooking Light’s collection of fresh and fruity sorbet recipes are notoriously easy to replicate, and the many flavors of sorbets are sure to please all the kids.


Replace French Fried Potatoes with Sweet Potato Wedges

Sweet Potato WedgesWho doesn’t love French fries? They’re perfect for parties because they’re easy to prepare in large quantities, and easy to snack on too. Instead of those high-carb, deep-fried French fries that kids have probably gotten used to, however, serve up sweet potato wedges drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with salt, and then baked in the oven until golden brown and delicious.




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  1. Mrs. AOK Avatar

    I’ve made chicken kabobs in applesauce for one of the kids’ parties a while back, and the *adults* ate them up 🙂
    These are all great suggestions!
    Thanks for sharing.