Hefty® Box Tops for Education Program

Hefty® Box Tops Help and Support Schools and Your Child’s Education #SaidNoSchoolEver #CG

Hefty® Box Tops Help and Support Schools and Your Child's Education

Can you believe that the kids have been back in school for about three months now? Time is flying by so quickly. I know that we have settled down into our own routines and things are going smoothly now. In a few short weeks, the kids will be out for Thanksgiving break and then out for several more weeks to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s. What is your child’s favorite thing to do at school? Is it technology class, art, sports, reading books, or something else?


My Son’s School Could Use Extra Money for Theater and Performing ArtsMy Son is in Performing Arts and Could Use Extra Money from Box Tops for Education

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My oldest son is currently in theater class and will be in his very first play just before they let out before the Christmas. I am excited and can’t wait to see him perform. If you have ever seen a production or performance at your child’s school, you probably already know how expensive all the audio, lighting, and any props that are needed are for each event.

Box Tops for Education Can Help Provide Your Child’s School with Extra Money

As a parent, I don’t always have a ton of extra money to donate to the school for helping purchase extra items that aren’t covered in the school’s budget. However, I can easily help my son’s school by collecting Box Tops for Education. Each box top is worth .10 cents which doesn’t seem like very much but it all adds up especially if every student brought in box tops. Did you know that each school can earn up to $20,000 every year by collecting box tops throughout the year? That is a ton of extra money that can easily hep purchase extra things for your students.

Find Box Tops on a Variety of Products Including Hefty® Products

Hefty® Box Tops for Education Program

Box tops are on a huge variety of products that most families buy on a regular basis. Some products even contain bonus box tops too. Here is a list of some of our favorite items that include box tops:

  • Hefty® products like trash bags
  • Cereal
  • Betty Crocker Baking Items like cake mixes and icing
  • Box meals and side items
  • Ziploc Food Storage bags and containers
  • Paper Products like toilet paper, paper towels, and Kleenexes
  • Refrigerator items
  • Some Dairy products like Land O Lakes butter
  • Snacks and Juice
  • Freezer Items
  • Hefty tableware

There are tons of opportunities to find box tops on foods that you are already purchasing and you can see the entire list of items on the Box top for Education website. Start clipping those box tops today and send them to your child’s school every so often. I know that some classrooms collect box tops as a contest too. When I find a box top on an item, I simply clip it and store it in a plastic baggie in the drawer. You can even make a fun box or jar to store them in too.

I counted up my own stash of Box Tops and I had $6.10 to donate to my son’s school. Just think if 1,000 students brought in the same amount that the school could easily get an extra $610.00 or more.

Don’t forget to pick up some Hefty® Trash bags next time you run out! They are the only trash bag company that supports Box Tops for Education.

Have you ever heard any of these statements from your children’s school never said? Check out this funny video, I promise it is worth viewing: Hefty® Box Tops #SaidNoSchoolEver YouTube video.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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Do you collect Box Tops for Education for your child’s school?

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4 responses to “Hefty® Box Tops Help and Support Schools and Your Child’s Education #SaidNoSchoolEver #CG”

  1. Elizabeth O. Avatar
    Elizabeth O.

    Box tops is really an effective way to give back to our children’s schools. It’s a good cause and it’s easy to acquire, no effort necessary!

  2. mya.k Avatar

    I have gave a lot of my old close before to them and it is such a good cause to do too because it helps out a lot of people in need and I am all for helping people out it just makes my day if I do it.

  3. Jennifer Clay Avatar

    I love Box Tops! I have collected so many since my daughters first started school and I know it really does help their school!

  4. Kristen from The Road to Domestication Avatar

    I remember collecting Box Tops when I was little and in school! I’m glad to see the program lives on and continues to be beneficial to kiddos now!