Do You Have Hot or Cold Rooms in Your Home

Do You Have Hot or Cold Rooms in Your Home?

Do You Have Hot or Cold Rooms in Your HomeAfter I had my youngest son and spent quite a bit of time in his bedroom, I noticed that his room was always hot especially in the late afternoon. I bought some dark curtains after he was born to try to block out some of the sun’s rays. I was hoping the curtains would be enough to keep his room a bit cooler during the heat of the day. The curtains helped some but we still noticed pretty huge difference in the temperature of his room. So one afternoon, I called the guy out who services our air conditioner/heater to come out so that he could check our a/c unit to make sure that it was operating properly and do routine maintenance.

After he finished his initial inspection and performing the maintenace, he said that everything looked great. At that point, I asked him what we could do about the two of rooms in the front of our house from being super hot in the summer time and freezing during the winter.

He went back up into our attic so that he could took a look at the duct work and he was going to try to limit the air intake on some of the other rooms that were more comfortable. But after taking a look at our duct work, he told me that he wasn’t able to cut the air flow back because the way they installed it when our home was built. He said they split the air flow on some of our vents. It is normal for them to split air ducts but usually it doesn’t cause a major problem. He told us that the problem, it turns out that we had some faulty air conditioning ductwork. We didn’t have any holes in our duct work (which can happen if critters get into your attic) but rather they just didn’t choose the duct work properly.

I asked him if there was something else that we could do and he gave me two suggestions:

  • add additional vent to each one of the rooms
  • redo do our entire duct work in the attic.

After careful consideration, we decided to try adding a new vent to each of the two rooms in the front of our house to see if it made a difference in the way the rooms felt during the summer and winter. I called and made an appointment for him to come back and fix our faulty duct work. It took him about a little over an hour to add two additional air vents and add additional duct work to our unit in the attic.

I am so glad that we had our him come out to inspect our duct work. In our case, the builder should have ran duct work for each room in our house and not ran several rooms on the same duct. So if you have a problem with hot or cold rooms, I highly suggest that you call a professional out to look at your a/c unit and determine if you have a problem with the duct work in your home. There is no reason that you should live in a home that has hot or cold spots.

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Do you have a hot or cold room in your house? Have you contacted an a/c repairman to do an inspection on the duct work in your home?

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14 responses to “Do You Have Hot or Cold Rooms in Your Home?”

  1. Danette Lykins Avatar

    Very helpful info- thanks for sharing!

  2. Jayda Avatar

    I only have a tall gas heater in the living room. It’s killer to go from warm and cozy to freezing for bed.

  3. Angela McKinney Avatar

    We live in apartments and my daughters room is always cold.When we get the heat going for a while it eventually warms up but takes a while. They are supposed to be inspecting soon so I will bring it up then.

  4. Julie Smeltzer Avatar

    We have a few bedrooms that are much hotter/colder so I wonder if we have duct issues too. Was it a big process to get additional ductwork installed?

  5. Robert Manea Avatar

    We have such uneven cooling and heating in our house.. i did call someone in, bad company, and now i kinda of know what i need to do to make things much more even.

  6. Jessica Beal Harlow Avatar

    This is our first winter in this home and we learned quickly that two bedroom are like saunas and one is like a refrigerator?! I think we'll be calling a pro to come take a look at our duct work too. Something is definitely amiss!

  7. Angie B. Avatar

    Our house is a very old house. Built in 1908 or something like that. We don’t have central heat and air we have oil heat. We noticed the one bedroom was always like a refrigerator in the winter. We realized there was not a radiotor in that bedroom so we used a space heater for a while but that made me nervous. A couple years ago we had an adjustable electric heater installed in the wall and it’s bee way better.

  8. lisa Avatar

    We have a very old house and it’s very open so the house is pretty chilly in the winter!

  9. Czjai Reyes-Ocampo Avatar

    Great tips! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  10. Soap Opera Spy Avatar

    I actually really love the cold weather, I don’t even have a heater in my room and I feel totally fine all winter! Though during the hot weather I’m melting, these are great tips!

  11. Bismah Avatar

    These are some helpful tips! Thank you for sharing these!

  12. Mariana Avatar

    Thanks for sharing your story! We also have this problem and should probably get our home inspected.

  13. Elizabeth Sanders Towns Avatar

    We live in an old victorian home, so it is imperative that we have some kind of inspection to make sure all parts of the house are insulated correctly and that the duct work is right! This is a magnificent post.

  14. Daniele Holmberg Avatar

    this is such an informative post. Thank you for sharing. I will have to look into my air conditioning system.