House Cleaning for your Health


The most common misconception people have about the importance of cleaning your home is that it is for the charm and the organization that the environment radiates when cleaned. While, it does help for daily life and your exterior image for when people come over, the absolute, utmost important reason for cleaning your home is for health.

Proper sanitation and good hygiene is so important for our ability to live our daily day to day to the fullest. When just a little bit of sickness hits us early in the morning, it can ruin your whole day. If you are a person who seems to be constantly sick and is always fighting a cold month in and month out. Take a look around your surroundings. Are you living in a clean enough environment?

The work grind and the rat race of life can get so many of us caught up in what we must do next that we can easily forget the necessity of having a clean home. But, just by devoting thirty minutes a week to vacuuming, carpet cleaning, wiping dust away from surfaces, and cleaning away dirt and food crumbs can make such a big dent in your life by downgrading the frequency of sickness and common colds from your home.

There are so many areas of the home that are hidden from plain site that it can easily be forgotten before you notice how dirty it really is. Air vents, underneath couches and furniture, underneath your bed, and other surfaces can accumulate dust, mites, and other bacteria progressively, and it will not go away without some action taken.

house-cleaning-uplifting-families You, your family, and your visitors are definitely affected just by simply breathing in the air surrounding the dust. Some of these bacteria are unable to be seen due to their microscopic size and can, and are breathed in where it can cause harm to the human body. Just by walking on a dirty rug, sitting on dirty upholstery, or laying on your bed become threats when not properly cleaned. Walking on dirty carpet will kick up dust into the air, same with sitting on a couch. If there is a lot of dust underneath your bed, which in my findings, this is a frequently missed area, you are breathing in that air for 1/3 of your daily life.

What is the price you are willing to let your family pay by getting an extra thirty minutes of relaxation per week instead of doing some simple cleaning? Simple cleaning usually isn’t that difficult, but if it is for you, here are some simple tips that can make the experience at least a little bit simpler.

  • Play your favorite fast paced music while you clean.
  • Make it a team effort and get some helpers to clean.
  • Pay a house cleaner or professional cleaner to come take care of it for you.
  • Clean in intervals, set aside a few minutes every day to clean rather than clean only once a week.
  • Clean as you go, instead of “taking care of that mess later,” clean the messes as they happen. This include the dishes. It’s much easier to clean dishes while other parts of meals are cooking rather than waiting to clean everything after the meal.
  • Listen to podcasts or books on tape when you clean. Learning and working is a great combination!

Consider investing in professional cleaning equipment to make sure your home is free from dirt and clutter. Essentials such as squeegees, scrubbers, and cleaning poles will help keep your office clean. If needed, getting purification systems for deep-cleaning sessions will take out the dirt trapped in the tight corners and nooks in your home.

That’s all folks! I hope this blog post will push a couple of year to get to cleaning for the sake of all of our health. A hygienic home is a happy home!






2 responses to “House Cleaning for your Health”

  1. Kurtis Cambell Avatar

    So true, my uncle just passed away, and he was one of those people who always seemed like he had a cold. When moving his bed out of the house, we saw about a half inch of layered dust underneath. No doubt in my mind, that was slowly damaging his health over the years.

    1. Uplifting Families Avatar
      Uplifting Families

      We are very sorry to hear about your uncle’s passing. We agree with you dust definitely brings big health problems and could be underlying cause for a lot of issues.