Ideas for Low Cost Kids' Room Interior Design

Ideas for Low Cost Kids’ Room Interior Design

Ideas for Low Cost Kids' Room Interior DesignKids are very dynamic and everything about them moves and changes very fast. They grow, they learn, they develop. Their emotions are strong and come in outbursts and their taste changes from one month to another. Therefore, when it comes to their living space and their room, you really need to work hard and to spend a lot time and money making it different every time they change their favorite movie or cartoon character or they simply grow out of a phase. Therefore, you need to think about new ways to make their bedroom cool, without spending a mall fortune every time. Here are some ideas about how to manage that.



Although the little princess is to have everything in pink and the little guy is about to be all surrounded with blue, it is best that you keep the colors gender neutral. They grow out of this phase so fast and you will be stuck with repainting the walls every time they change their mind. It is not always about the walls but about all the colors that are present in the room. However, the walls are the hardest to adjust to every child’s whim, while you can add and remove other details however they like. Do wonders with curtains and beddings and leave the walls in a neutral color that can go with many of them.


Artwork can always be replaced, added, taken away or even recycled. This goes for your kid’s art and your own. The best type is the artwork you do together. For example, you may want to have a mural on the wall, you can take the favorite scene from the comic book and magnify it on the wall of the room. You can do the outlines, and your kid can help you with painting inside the lines.

DIY Projects

Just imagine what sort of interesting things you can do by yourself and make it into new furniture. This especially goes for the seating furniture. There are two ways to make this very fun. The first is to make your own bean bags for sitting. You can easily find patterns online. The fabric doesn’t need to be expensive. On the contrary, kids would be quite satisfied with jute bags filled with silicone stuffing or sponge stuffing. The other way is to buy sponge in blocks. This is not expensive. The boards and blocks can be 3 feet by 3 feet, for example and you can coat them in any sort of fabric. These blocks would make amazing building bricks, seating and even improvised bed for guests.

Blackboard Paint

Blackboard paint deserves the entire paragraph just for itself as the possibilities are amazing. It is always fun to have it and any surface that it covers becomes a message exchange surface, an endless coloring space or anything in between. You can put it on the walls, on the doors, on the wardrobes and even on the surface of the desk. Some even put it on the lamp shades and write with chalks on that. It made interesting design. Take a can of this paint and the ideas will come gushing out of you.

Used Furniture

You don’t have to pay a fortune, every time your kids grows out their furniture. Something like that happened at the same time to somebody else in your city, only with the kid slightly older than yours. Find their garage sale and buy their furniture. You can make the same sale and sell the one that is too small for your kid. In that way, you can always keep up to date.

Rugs and Mats

Warm rugs are the great thing for every kid’s room. However, if you try and find one very cool kids play mat, your mat gets the whole new way of contributing to the design of the room. It is warm and it is a toy at the same time. It doesn’t get more fun than that.

Kids used stuff is usually in great shape because they don’t get to be used for a long time. Therefore, don’t hesitate to make them a part of your household and your kid’s room.

Check out these cute children’s bedding ideas:

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Do you have any other budget friendly design ideas for your child’s bedroom?




3 responses to “Ideas for Low Cost Kids’ Room Interior Design”

  1. Erika Avatar

    I am really into home improvement because having a nice, clean, freshly painted and neat home does wonders for our spirits. I love finding low-cost ideas that can make a big difference in how a room “feels.” 🙂

    1. Christy Avatar

      My daughter asked me if she can paint her room a few weeks ago. We have off white walls but the idea of painting isn’t my idea of fun. Maybe next summer we can tackle some of these ideas.

  2. Sharon Avatar

    I also love rugs and mats, but nope…no real favorite DIY. I sort of suck at that stuff 😉