Why is it Important to Take Prenatal Vitamins While Pregnant or When Trying to Conceive?

Prenatal Vitamins During PregnancyPregnancy can take a toll on a woman’s body; therefore, it is important that you take care of your unborn baby and your own body.  Prenatal vitamins are very important and help ensure that you are getting enough nutrients.  Make that you pick up the vitamins that your doctor has prescribed or has asked you to purchase an over the counter prenatal vitamin.  A vitamin shouldn’t never replace healthy eating; however, vitamins are designed to help ensure that you are getting adequate vitamins and minerals that may be lacking in your diet.

Disclosure:  This post is for informational purposes only.  The opinions in this post are my own and may differ from your own.  This post shouldn’t replace following up with your doctor if you have any questions or concerns with your prenatal vitamins.

If you are planning on getting pregnant, you should begin taking prenatal vitamins before you try to conceive. However, if your pregnancy is a surprise then you need to start taking prenatal vitamins as soon as possible.  Your prenatal vitamins will ensure that you are getting an adequate amount of folic acid every day.  Folic acid helps prevent neural tube defects in your unborn baby.  Your baby is at risk for neural tube defects during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.  If you have had a baby or have been at risk for neural tube defects, please talk to your doctor before trying to conceive to help reduce the chances of having another baby with neural tube defects.

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4 responses to “Why is it Important to Take Prenatal Vitamins While Pregnant or When Trying to Conceive?”

  1. Lexie Avatar

    I am 100% pro prenatal vitamins! And the right ones make a huge difference too! I believe the strength of your baby is vital especially if anything happens during birth. These prenatal vitamins are definitely very helpful!

    1. Christy Avatar

      I agree Lexie. I loved that they came out with a gummy pre-natal vitamin during my last pregnancy. I was able to get the nutrients without feeling nauseated.

  2. Regina Avatar

    I agree with taking prenatal vitamins. They don’t require a presription anymore and are in the pharmacy area of the stores here. That allows others who don’t get regular medical care, the opporutnity to use them.

    1. Christy Avatar

      Very true Regina, I didn’t even think about them being over the counter so that you can begin taking them as soon as you find out that your are pregnant or begin using them if you plan on trying to have a baby.