Pumpkins for Halloween

Infant and Toddler Halloween Costumes 2012

Pumpkins for HalloweenI can’t believe how quickly this year has flown by.  The kids just started back to school a few weeks ago and fall will be here shortly.  Halloween will be here before we know it.  Today’s fashion feature Friday features Halloween costumes for infants and toddlers.  Dressing up your baby for Halloween activities can be fun and most children enjoy the extra attention.

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Newborn Halloween Costumes

Mom’s are probably wondering if they should dress up their tiny baby in a Halloween costume since they aren’t able to even realize what is going on.  If you are a mom, that enjoys dressing up your baby they have costumes that will fit your baby.

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6 to 12 Months Halloween Costumes

Older babies are aware of their surroundings and can easily participate in Halloween activities.  So find a cute costume and dress your baby up.  If your baby is like mine, they will enjoy the attention that they get from being dress up cute.

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12 to 18 Months Halloween Costumes

Toddlers are learning how to walk and love to explore their surroundings.  They would enjoy participating in Halloween activities.  The costumes keep getting cuter the older they are, so find a cute costume and get your baby ready to go trick or treating or a Halloween party.

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18 to 24 Months Halloween Costumes

Older toddlers are learning how to talk and teaching them to say “Trick or Treat” is cute.  Many toddlers will be able to say it, in their own cute way.  They also enjoy going out with their parents to get candy and to Halloween parties.  Find a cute costume for your older toddler.

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What is your favorite Halloween Costume?


3 responses to “Infant and Toddler Halloween Costumes 2012”

  1. patricia Avatar

    my little sister valerie wears costumes almost everyday…. I love her so much she is so goofy!

    1. Christy Avatar

      Awww, this sounds so sweet. I bet she is cute in her costume.

  2. Shannon Avatar

    I love the pirate costume, so adorable!