Keeping Toddlers Snacks Contained While On the Go

When we are out and about running errands, I like to take snacks along for my toddler to eat in case he gets hungry.  I don’t like using zip lock bags to carry snacks in.  If your child is anything like mine, the first thing he would do is dump the snacks out all over the ground if he was handed a zip lock baggie full of snacks.

Disclosure:  The opinions reflected in this post are my own and my differ from your own opinions.
Below are some of my favorite snack containers, that I use for my busy toddler.  These containers are designed for toddlers.  They also help keep their snacks from spilling out all over the ground.  The containers allow your toddler to enjoy their independence  and gives them the ability to feed themselves. The greatest advantage to using these snack containers is it helps keep the snacks contained so that you don’t have to pick up their snack up off of the floor.

I also like that the snack containers are made especially for toddlers small hands.  They can easily reach in their snack container and get their snack.  It is also safer than putting snacks in a plastic sandwich bag.  The plastic bag poses a chocking hazard or they can place it over their mouth and nose possibly smothering themselves by accident.

While out shopping with my toddler, I also noticed that there are even drink containers that have a snack container attached to the bottom.  As a mom, my toddler tends to get thirsty if he is snacking on cheerios or puffs.

Do you use a snack container for your toddlers snacks?


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