Merry Marking Challenge Emerald Green Bic Markers

Get Your Kids to Help Pay it Forward This Holiday Season #BICMerryMarking #EmeraldGreen

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I love the holidays but this time of year can often be filled with busyness. There is usually a long list of things that you need to get done like shopping, going to holiday parties, cooking meals, wrapping gifts, ect. Today, I want to challenge you to stop what your doing and put together something that you and your kids can do together to pay it forward this holiday season. Yesterday, I put together some goodie bags so that my daughter can give them to her teachers. They often have a thankless job and I wanted to let them know how special they are to my daughter. These small care packages are easy to make and they can put a smile on a strangers, friends, or neighbors face.

Materials Needed

Plastic Bags

Candy, Cookies, or Other Treats

BIC Mark-It™ Markers

Couple Sheets of Printer Paper






  1. Carefully fill the plastic bag with your treats.
  2. Fold one sheet of printer paper into 4 halves.
  3. Carefully cut the paper along the lines.
  4. Find a quote or special message to your recipient.
  5. Pick your favorite color of BIC Mark-It™ Marker. I choose Emerald Green. I recommend that  you get the 36 pack of the BIC Mark-It™ Markers. They come in a neat storage container. There are so many vibrant and fun colors to choose from. Plus they have an 8 pack of pretty Metalic colors too!
  6. Write your quote on one section of paper. (see below) Make sure that you put a piece of paper underneath the paper. The marker did bleed through a little bit.
  7. My youngest found some stickers and he wanted to add it the corner of the quote. So I let him stick them on the paper.

Merry Marking Emerald Green

  1. Add a note to challenge your family, friend, or recipient to continue paying it forward. I wrote this on a small piece of paper and folded it up.
  2. Then staple your quote onto the plastic bag.
  3. Give it to your recipient.

Merry Marking Challenge Emerald Green Bic Markers

BIC Mark-It™ Markers are great for avid crafters who enjoy using markers to make tags for all of their fun craft projects or spreading random acts of kindness. I challenged the recipients of these bags to continue the fun tradition and pay it forward. I gave these cute bags to my daughter and she is planning on passing them out to a few of her teachers at school. I hope that they enjoy their treats!

BIC®’s Month of Merry Marking and get the booklet of merry marking and a coupon to start marking with tons of inspirational ideas to make this holiday season a little brighter, and a little more colorful with BIC®’s array of vibrant, low odor and acid free (no added acid, no measurable pH) BIC Mark-It™ permanent markers (with guidelines/instructions for posts).

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8 responses to “Get Your Kids to Help Pay it Forward This Holiday Season #BICMerryMarking #EmeraldGreen”

  1. Jessica Savinggreenmama Avatar

    I like to get the kids involved in making gifts for others. Fun idea.

  2. rocky Avatar

    awesome idea you have here.. thanks for sharing

  3. Erika Avatar

    Very cute idea and I love the green ink, simple too

  4. Amanda Avatar

    These are such a great idea. I know my son would jump at the chance to help with these too.

  5. Rebecca Swenor Avatar

    Great post and idea indeed. It is important I believe to teach our children to pay it forward. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Holly @ Woman Tribune Avatar

    What a great little craft idea to show your daughters’ teachers that you appreciate the work they do with your children. This is great!

  7. Stephanie Pass Avatar
    Stephanie Pass

    Such a cute idea! Love it!

  8. Kero Pinkihan Avatar

    what a great idea to show our appreciation to everyday people who make our lives so much easier. Thanks for the reminder. We will sure do this