Getting Kids To Keep Their Room Clean And Tidy

Getting Kids To Keep Their Room Clean And Tidy

Tip #2 Add An Incentive

As adults, we can understand the importance of cleanliness in our daily lives. After all, we overcame sicknesses, such as the black plague, by implementing sanitation in our homes. Children don’t know why cleanliness is so important, all they care about is that they have a roof over their heads. But if you add a little incentive (a new PS4 game or toy for example), you know they will do everything in their power to please you. Whether or not this is real learning I will let you decide, but the results will more than speak for themselves. You don’t have to do this every time of course; just for children who are younger and don’t know much about the world and how it works yet. Older children you can reward them with positive re-enforcement and and a hearty “Job well done” or a simple “Thank You for Your Help”.

Tip #3 Make it a Routine

It is not enough if your kids made their beds once, twice or even for a whole month straight. If you want your kids to learn important life lessons, you must make sure that they perform their cleaning responsibilities each and every single day. But this doesn’t only relate to young children. Messy teenagers too must be taught a proper lesson in hygiene; before they are all grown-up and it is too late. If you want your kids to stick with the lessons you are teaching them, you will have to watch over everything they are responsible for taking care of for at least the first couple of years. Once you see everything is under control, and your kids are doing what they are suppose to be doing, you know you have done your job as a parent to teach them how to clean up after themselves.

Purchase a Chore Chart

Purchase a chore chart for your child. A chore chart is a useful tool that can be used to assign each child specific chores to do on a daily basis. Teach them to check off their chore on the chart after they have completed it. It is a great way to keep your child accountable and it will help them to remember which chores they are responsible for each and every day.

Chore ChartDry Erase Chore Chart

Like these chore charts, please click on the photo for more information.

How do you hold your children accountable for cleaning their bedroom and keeping it clean?


2 responses to “Getting Kids To Keep Their Room Clean And Tidy”

  1. Becka Avatar

    I wish my kids would clean their rooms. My son does well but my daughter is HORRIBLE at cleaning her own room! Thank you for the tips

  2. Debbie McCormick Avatar

    I can mention my iPAD and my kids will do anything I want. But three out of four of my kids are so messy I just want to shut the door and never look in their room again. I think it is very stressful for parents because we feel like we just can’t keep up with it. Sometimes it’s easier to just clean it myself instead of directing every single thing to the kids.