Getting Kids To Keep Their Room Clean And Tidy

Getting Kids To Keep Their Room Clean And Tidy

Getting Kids To Keep Their Room Clean And TidyAre you children responsible to keep his or her room clean? Does your child do a good job at keeping their room clean or does it look like a tornado hit their bedroom? My kids will clean up their bedroom and a few days later it is a mess again. It drives me crazy and I wish that they would take the time to clean up after themselves each and every day. Today, Silvia Marks wanted to share with you three tips to get your children to clean up their bedroom and keep it clean.

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It is sad that so many children go for video-games and TV shows instead of cleaning their own messy rooms. As a mother, I know how difficult kids are when you mention the word “cleaning”, especially when their favorite cartoon or television show is on. As parents we have to learn how to cope with kids – it is just not that hard. All you need is a little bit of patience, a little bit of discipline, and a whole lot of love. Remember, being a good parent means that you and you alone are responsible for teaching your kids proper hygiene; both at home and in school. If a child grows up without healthy cleaning habits you can expect that their adult behavior wont be any different. Silvia is a professional house cleaner from PerfectCleaning N1 and she wrote this post to share some useful tips for parents so that they can learn how to deal with such a behavior or get their children interested in helping with the household chores.

Tip #1 Lead By Example

If I can name just one reason I believe that humans are superior to all other living things. Humans are eager and have the ability to learn new information everyday. When we are young our brains soak up information like a sponge, and the way we learn how to do things by mimicking the behaviors around us including household chores, hygiene, and how we behave on a daily basis. Young children are easily impressionable so you should begin teaching them how to do chores at a young age. So if you want your child to be neat and tidy, there has to be at least one positive role model in the child’s life. And if you are not the tidiest person in the world, this is okay – no one is perfect. The idea is showing your children exactly what they are suppose to do: making the beds; keeping their toys organized; folding their clothes etc. You must make sure, that your children are well aware of their responsibilities and the correct way to perform each and every one of them.

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2 responses to “Getting Kids To Keep Their Room Clean And Tidy”

  1. Becka Avatar

    I wish my kids would clean their rooms. My son does well but my daughter is HORRIBLE at cleaning her own room! Thank you for the tips

  2. Debbie McCormick Avatar

    I can mention my iPAD and my kids will do anything I want. But three out of four of my kids are so messy I just want to shut the door and never look in their room again. I think it is very stressful for parents because we feel like we just can’t keep up with it. Sometimes it’s easier to just clean it myself instead of directing every single thing to the kids.