Maternity Shirts With Funny Sayings

Pregnant Woman With Her HusbandI remember when I was shopping for maternity clothes when I was pregnant with my each of my kids, most of the shirts that I found to wear were plain or they had some of pattern on them.  Today there are a wide variety of cute maternity shirts available for expecting mom’s to choose from, especially maternity shirts with silly says or designs on them.  I was browsing the internet and wanted to share a few of the cute maternity shirts that I found online with you.  I wish I was able to purchase these when I was last pregnant.

 Note: I do make a commission and randomly selected these t-shirts to help you find cute ways to reveal your pregnancy to family and friends.  If you don’t see your size below, click on the product for a full selection of sizes and colors depending on the product that you choose.

Cute Maternity Shirts with Funny

Sayings for Expectant Mothers

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Cute Shirts for Dad to Wear While Mommy is Expecting

I also found these great t-shirts for dad to wear that have funny sayings on them about the expectant mother’s pregnancy.  These funny t-shirts would be a great way to reveal to family and friends that you are expecting.  I hope that you enjoy these funny shirts for the dad to be in your life.

[amazon_enhanced asin=”B009ZZ93KE” /][amazon_enhanced asin=”B00AABL2ZQ” /][amazon_enhanced asin=”B009ZZ9E80″ /][amazon_enhanced asin=”B009ZZ9SXQ” /][amazon_enhanced asin=”B009ZZDCD8″ /]

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What is your favorite shirt?


9 responses to “Maternity Shirts With Funny Sayings”

  1. Courtney~Mommy LaDy Club Avatar

    I always like tee-shirts with sayings. Throw on a blazer and good shoes with jeans, and you’re set;)

    1. Christy Avatar

      Yes that would make an awesome outfit Courtney.

  2. April - My Bizarre Family Avatar

    I’ve often wondered why in the world they didn’t have cutesy outfits and some of the baby gear they have out now when I was pregnant! I love the shirts and def would have worn them when I was pregnant.

    1. Christy Avatar

      I know what you mean April. I didn’t have any fun shirts while pregnant with any of my kids either.

  3. Pamela R Avatar

    I saw one that was for twins–“He kicked me” on one side the other side “He kicked me first” LOL
    For the dad Real Man Change Diapers! <3

  4. Andrea Avatar

    Love the watermelon! Cute stuff.

  5. Lexie Lane Avatar

    I had a few maternity shirts. It was so much fun because I could always see people smiling.

    1. Christy Avatar

      I wish I would have bought a fun shirt when I was pregnant with my son.