Nuzzle Hug Review

Perfect Accessory for Breastfeeding Mothers: NuzzleHug Nurtures You So You Can Nurture Your Baby

The NuzzleHug comes in two different sizes: small (fits cups sizes A-C and waist size 24″ – 37″) and large (fits cups sizes D-H and waist size 28″ – 42″).  You can easily adjust the length by removing the circle pockets and selecting the appropriate button hole setting so that the circle pocket can be centered over the nipple or fits around your waist properly.

The pods come out easily and are held in place so that they don’t move around inside on the fabric cover.  I have a similar product and the insert moves around and bunches up in places.

If you are breastfeeding, you can remove the circle pods and you can attach them to your nursing bra, tank top, or camisole.  The circle pods have a strap that was designed so that you can easily unbutton to pod strap so that you can attach the pod easily to your bra.  Never use cold pods on your breasts if you are feeding or plan on feeding your baby.  Cold pods can cause your body to restrict the milk flow and could potentially cause your baby to get upset because your milk will not flow properly.

If you are dealing with mastitis or clogged milk ducts, don’t mess with using those messy soaking wet warm wash clothes or attempt to take a hot shower while your baby is screaming.  Instead, heat the pods in the microwave (follow the heating instructions based on your microwaves wattage to properly heat the pods) and place the pods in the NuzzleHug.  Place it around your neck and allow the warm pods to rest on your breasts for a few minutes before nursing your baby.  The warm heat will help your milk flow.  You can also place the warm pods just above your breasts or under your arm pits while feeding your baby to help stimulate your milk.


  • Multiple ways to use the product and it isn’t limited for breastfeeding mothers only which means mom’s can continue to use this product after they have finished breastfeeding.
  • Pods that stay in place.
  • It can be used as a heat or ice pack.
  • It is adjustable.
  • Washable fabric exterior (you must take out the pods in order to wash it)
  • The pods can be used independently.  (Nursing mom’s can clip the pods on their bra strap)


  • Cost
  • Limited Color Selection

Have you ever heard of the NuzzleHug?  What was your favorite breastfeeding accessory?


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  1. Trista Avatar

    I need this in my life! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Christy Avatar

      Your welcome. 🙂