Our PopSecret Pillow Fort A Perfect Rainy Day Activity

Our Pop-Secret Pillow Fort – A Perfect Rainy Day Activity #PopSecretForts

Disclosure:  Thank you to Pop Secret for sponsoring today’s post and inspiring me to try building a pillow fort! All opinions are 100% my own.

Join me in remembering one of my favorite childhood memories as I share it with my children today. Does your child enjoy building forts? If not, check out our pop secret forts. I picked up some popcorn a few days ago from the store. I choose the 94% Fat Free Pop-Secret Popcorn, it has a light butter taste and isn’t overwhelming buttery.

Pop Secret Popcorn and Pillow Forts


I remember growing up that we used to make pillow forts all the time in the living room. My parents had the perfect couches with the right kind of cushions that were perfect for fort building. We would take all of the cushions off the couch and make a “couch tent” using the cushions. I would stand the cushions up on their side and place the other ones over the top of the couch. I wish that I had a photo to explain it because my parents gave up those couches a long time ago. 🙂 I even remember my mom popping me and my best friend that perfect bowl of Pop Secret popcorn too!

As you can see, we come from a long line of expert fort builders.  I have always encouraged my children to learn how to entertain themselves so that they can use their imagination. Plus, it is fun hearing little ones make up their own conversations with their stuffed animals will play.

Today was the perfect lazy day!  It was cloudy outside and it is too cold to go outside and play.

Our PopSecret Pillow Fort A Perfect Rainy Day Activity

My husband has been home this week so that he could spend some time with the kids. So this morning, they decided to build a fort in the middle of the living room. It was so much fun watching them build the fort.  After they built the fort, my husband got inside of the fort and were busy playing together for at least an hour.

My youngest was pretending that it was his house and he was bringing my husband pretend food and drinks. I love it when my kids use their imagination and come up with fun ways to play.

The dog even decided to take a nap in the fort while we were busy eating lunch.

When my daughter came home, she was shocked that there was a fort in the living room. I told her to go get her pillow and blanket so that she could join in on the fun. My youngest son loves to eat popcorn and has been asking me all day long if I would fix him some. So when my daughter got home, it was the perfect time to pop that perfect bowl of popcorn. I filled a bowl full of popcorn and took it to their fort.  They were busy watching a movie and enjoying popcorn from underneath the fort.

Our Perfect Bowl of Pop Secret Popcorn

Conversations from inside the fort:

  • Buddy come hang out with me.
  • I want to go to sleep in my fort.
  • Eating popcorn.
  • He pretended the chair was his car and he would get it so that he could drive to work.
  • Daddy what do you want to eat and drink?
  • He wants to read books in his fort.

Grab the blankets and pillows so that you can build a fort with your family. Once your fort is built, take some photos of your kids enjoying their pillow fort and submit them to Facebook using the hashtag #PopSecretForts for a chance to win fun surprises and rewards. Don’t forget to pick up your $1.00 off coupon before heading to the store to pick up some Pop Secret popcorn. Fort building is a great way to spark your child’s imagination.

Do you and your family build pillow forts? If so, what is your favorite pillow fort memory?



16 responses to “Our Pop-Secret Pillow Fort – A Perfect Rainy Day Activity #PopSecretForts”

  1. Sharon Avatar

    I’m gonna grab the popcorn coupon fo sho! I loved forts as a kid and believe me, mine still do it all the time! It’s da bomb!

  2. Dominique Goh Avatar

    The kids must have had so much fun eating popcorn and being in their fort. My kids too love playing like that when they were younger.

  3. Danette Lykins Avatar

    How fun! Thanks for sharing!

  4. katrina g Avatar
    katrina g

    I love popcorn!! we always have some on hand for movie nights or well just a snack. pop secret rocks!

  5. Lisa Rios Avatar

    I love popcorn so much & used to take it as snacks when watching Movies or in parks or beaches. I am sure your kids had so much of fun all the way.

  6. CouponGal Avatar

    good snowy day activity, too – we’re supposed to get 1-6 inches here tonight into tomorrow

  7. Erika Avatar

    We absolutely loved making forts when I was a kid. Inside, outside, all the time … Haha just like cats. Looks like fun.

  8. Danette Lykins Avatar

    What a great idea! I miss the kids being little enough to do things like this…

  9. Sandra Sears Avatar

    Popcorn is a staple in our home. Our boys love it and my husband and I occasionally enjoy a bag ourselves.

  10. Sandra Sears Avatar

    Popcorn is a staple in our home. Our boys love it and my husband and I occasionally enjoy a bag ourselves.

  11. Jodi Flaherty Avatar

    What a fun post! We love popcorn with small amount of cane sugar & sea Salt! YUM!

  12. Czjai Reyes-Ocampo Avatar

    Sounds fun! On lazy days like today, I like curling up in bed with my favorite Korean dramas. 🙂

  13. Stefani Tolson Avatar

    When I was young I love building forts. They were the best. I also remember my grandparents always having Pop Secret in their pantry.

  14. Rebecca Swenor Avatar

    This is awesome indeed. It is so important for kids to use their imagination. When we were kids we would make forts all the time. I showed my kids how to and we always had fun doing it. I think it is awesome what Pop Secret is doing. I will have to share this with my sister and niece. Thanks for sharing.

  15. becka Avatar

    Look like so much fun! We love to build pillow forts!I am going to try the 97% fat free butter flavor next time. 🙂

  16. Sarah at Journeys of The Zoo Avatar

    LOVE POPCORN. I love it ever more because my husband doesn’t do I don’t’ have to share 😉

    Besos Sarah