Is it Safe for us to be in Contact with Cleaning Chemicals During Pregnancy

Is it Safe for us to be in Contact with Cleaning Chemicals During Pregnancy?

Is it Safe for us to be in Contact with Cleaning Chemicals During Pregnancy

During the pregnancy, women get overly sensitive and start reacting to practically anything that could harm their baby or them. Although our worries rise during the pregnancy, when occupied with a lot of everyday obligations, we sometimes simply forget to ask ourselves what the most dangerous chemical substances are. One of the most concerning environmental hazards numerous mothers-to-be are worried about is cleaning chemicals. Some of them contain numerous toxic ingredients, so- called teratogens that could result in birth defects. That is why you should pick such product carefully and avoid the direct and frequent exposure to them. Here are the reasons how and why you should be ultra-careful about the use of cleaning chemicals.

Is it Safe to Use Cleaning Products?

In theory, using most cleaning products while expecting is safe. All you have to do is to take precautions and to choose them carefully. You should never be exposed to such products directly or use them in a poorly ventilated space. Using cleaning products frequently is much safer than using them on a daily basis. On the other hand, it is definitely better to replace cleaning chemicals with the natural ones.

How to Use Cleaning Chemicals?

First things first, you should always read the labels when buying a particular cleaning product. You shouldn’t mind the price tag for you can never put the one to your unborn baby’s health. So, pay attention to the terms such as corrosive, dangerous and toxic and read the detailed instructions before you buy a cleaning product. Even though these substances may not cause skin irritation, they could affect your baby’s development and cause numerous health problems later.

You should never be exposed directly to the products used. For example, you could wear a coat and latex gloves that will protect your overly sensitive skin from getting into the direct contact with cleaning chemicals. Even the products that didn’t affect you before the pregnancy could harm your skin now. Some of the most common allergens are bleach, detergents, cholorine and dyes.

Even women that are not pregnant should let the air circulate all the time when cleaning their homes. When expecting, you should never use cleaning chemicals in small and poorly ventilated room with no windows. Windows wide open will improve air circulation and eliminate numerous toxic and harmful substances that could harm both you and your baby.

Rule number one: you should never mix cleaning products! Some products are dangerous on their own, such as aerosol that could cause nausea, dizziness and headaches. On the other hands, there are products whose mixture with some other chemicals could be fatal. For example, mixing beach with ammonia could result in serious injuries, poisoning or even death!

Natural Cleaning Products

Today, as the ecological consciousness has reached the peak of its popularity, there are numerous harmless green cleaning products produced. Using them, you will protect both your entire family and the environment. Although they’re not chlorine-based, they are very effective when used for home cleaning. You could also make such product on your own, using for example, baking soda, white vinegar, lemon, borax, soap and citrus solvents. Pretty amazing!

How do Cleaning Products Influence out Family, Especially Children?

Cleaning chemicals could lead to numerous concerning health issues in our children, especially if they suffer from allergies or asthma. When we use them, they emit toxic substances that could trigger or enforce allergies and other health issues. That’s why we should replace cleaning chemicals with the abovementioned natural solvents, as well as dry cleaning.

In a recent conversation with the head of a Sydney-based company for rubbish removal, we found out that some of the most dangerous and toxic chemicals are used in carpet cleaning. Therefore, one of the best solutions for every pregnant woman is to discard all the carpets and rugs during the pregnancy. However, if you don’t want to do that, you need to clean them without such chemicals. For example, you could vacuum at least twice per week, immediately clean up spills to prevent permanent stains, use natural cleaning products and stem vacuum your carpets every six months.

Although it is said that cleaning chemicals don’t affect our health, mothers-to-be should always mind the safety issues. Therefore, you should hire professionals to clean instead of you or start using, or even producing, green cleaning products. Your baby’s health is most important, so you should never put a price tag on its health!

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Did you worry about using cleaning products during your pregnancy? If so, how did you deal with cleaning duties while you were pregnant?

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6 responses to “Is it Safe for us to be in Contact with Cleaning Chemicals During Pregnancy?”

  1. Erinn S Avatar
    Erinn S

    There are so many aural and safe products out there now for our home

  2. Lalia @ Found Frolicking Avatar

    Using natural cleaning products has definitely been the route for me. I don’t even want the chemicals from many common household cleaners to be polluting their air quality in my household! I’m really loving the Ecology Works products at the moment.

  3. Elizabeth O. Avatar
    Elizabeth O.

    It’s good that now there are natural cleaning products in the market. I look for these products whenever I shop for my home.

  4. Amanda Avatar

    I’m glad that cleaning products are becoming more natural, especially since I have to use them on things that my kids come into contact with all of the time. I really didn’t worry too much about products while pregnant because my doctor told me not to…bless her heart for helping me stay relaxed. Thanks for this informative article.

  5. rochkirstin Avatar

    There are so many restrictions to be safe during pregnancy period. Cleaning products may contain harmful chemicals that may harm the skin and internal system. Everyone, whether pregnant or not, should read the labels before purchasing.

  6. HauteFrugalista Avatar

    such a great topic!! moms forget how basic this can be because they are so caught up in the routine. Im all about organic products or naturally derived. Oranges, baking soda and lime work great for grease, and they smell awesome
    Dee T