Going for a Stroll — Best Modern Baby Prams, Pushchairs, and Strollers

Going for a Stroll — Best Modern Baby Prams, Pushchairs, and Strollers

 Going for a Stroll — Best Modern Baby Prams, Pushchairs, and StrollersHow would we ever be able to cope without strollers? Sometimes they’re difficult to push around, but they’re an absolutely essential piece of parenting equipment. However, when it comes to purchasing a pushchair or stroller, you want to be sure that it will stand the test of time, yet be comfortable for your kids and easy to fold down. So, to help you make the right decision, here is a quick look at the best modern baby prams, pushchairs, and strollers.

*Red Kite Baby Push Me Quatro Pushchair, Damson*

In terms of prams and pushchairs, this superb all-round stroller features everything you could possibly want at an affordable price. Your child will feel safe and snug all the time thanks to its rain cover, deep seat and multi-positional recline with leg adjuster.

But comfort is also a consideration, as the padded handles aren’t painful to hold and push. Then once you’ve unloaded your shopping from the Red Kite Baby Push Me Quatro’s basket, it can be stored away easily thanks to the simple folding mechanism.

*Chicco Echo Twin Stroller, Coal*

If you have more than one child that needs chauffeuring around, you should definitely consider the Chicco Echo Twin Stroller. What sets this stroller apart from others is the superb design, which features embroidered seats and trendy looking wheels.

But along with pleasing aesthetics, functionality has also been accounted for. You’ll benefit from lockable front swivel wheels for effortless maneuvering, a lightweight frame and an easy carry handle.

*Hauck Freerider Tandem Stroller, Red*

If you really want to stand out from other parents in the playground, think about purchasing this tandem-style double buggy. In addition to standard stroller practicality, the Hauck Freerider Tandem Stroller comes with extra large wheels for all terrains too. The removable rear seat provides greater flexibility while the lockable wheels increase safety for your little ones.

But regardless of the stroller you choose to buy, it is important to always remember the following:

  • Check the brakes are easy to apply and work properly
  • Make sure locking devices are secure when the stroller is in use
  • Be certain that safety harnesses keep your child in place
  • Ask your child if they’re comfortable and adjust the seat or leg rest accordingly

By choosing one of these modern baby prams or strollers and following this advice, your children are sure to be comfortable and content wherever you decide to take them.

Photo Credit: Flickr via Creative Commons

What type of stroller did you choose for your child?

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7 responses to “Going for a Stroll — Best Modern Baby Prams, Pushchairs, and Strollers”

  1. lisa Avatar

    If I remember correctly all of our strollers and carseats were Graco brand…but that was over 6yrs ago!

  2. Sharon Avatar

    I think I always used Graco and I was stuck with double strollers most of the time. Figures they’d keep coming up with better stuff as my kids get too old for strollers 😉

  3. Pamela Gurganus Avatar
    Pamela Gurganus

    Wow! Isn’t amazing how far these types of baby products have come? We’re so lucky to have so many choices available.

  4. Jessica Doiron Avatar

    My husband and I are thinking about having kids in the near future… I have no idea what to choose in terms of baby products. I need to do some research! Thanks for all this info!

  5. Debbie Denny Avatar
    Debbie Denny

    That quartro Push Chair sounds good. Have to tell my granddaughter about it.

  6. Mariana Avatar

    Thankfully I’m out of the stroller stage! I always wanted a nice jogging stroller for my kids, but could never afford it.

  7. Eliz Frank Avatar
    Eliz Frank

    We had a jogger when my twins were born. It was a gift from relatives and a God send. It helped me get back in shape. I could use one now. LOL! 🙂