Are You Struggling With Self Worth?

Does life leave you feeling down and out?  Everyone goes through phases in life that leaves them questioning themselves and where they are in life.  If you find yourself in this situation, you are not alone in your struggles.  Many of my readers probably aren’t aware that I suffer from chronic low back pain.  Being in constant pain comes with it’s hardships, including not being able to do the things that you once enjoyed before or going to work everyday.

I know that I could dwell on what I can not do or I could focus on the positive things that I can do.  I may not can go to work everyday and earn a living like normal people, but I can use my time to inspire others.  I use my blog as a hobby to keep me sane and give me something to do so that I am not just sitting here dwelling on my hardship.

In the past few months, I have totally transformed my blog several times and created a new domain name so that I could write about anything and everything that relates to families and life circumstances.  I am happy with this decision and I am excited at this opportunity that God had me.  If I was working full time, I wouldn’t have had the time or energy to try and fulfill  my dream of one day staying at home with my children before they are grown and gone.

Self worth is defined as how you look at yourself.  I know that I am my own worst critic and tend to grade myself harder than I would someone else.  And I think that many people probably do the same thing.  A positive self image or self worth will get you further in life than someone who would portray themselves with a negative self image on a daily basis.  How do you rate your current self image?  I know that my self worth changes sometimes on a daily basis depending on how I feel physically and mentally   As humans, we often look for approval from others to determine our self worth.  However, you should focus on God’s definition of self worth and how he values you.  You are important to Him, after all he knew you before you were even thought of or were together in your mother’s womb.

Are you lacking self esteem or struggling with your self worth?  Seek the help of your Father in Heaven and ask him to help you.  He can transform your thoughts and mind.

Do you love yourself?  If your like, me this is a struggle at times.  However, if you don’t love yourself then you can’t fully love someone else.  Is fear holding you back from loving yourself?

Remember that God created everyone to be unique.  He paid the price for our shortcomings and knowing that he died for you and me, should be enough to make you realize that your are worthy and that you were created for a purpose.  We must allow ourselves to view ourselves as imperfect. Learn to how to celebrate our imperfections and flaws, after all that is what makes each one of us unique.

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2 responses to “Are You Struggling With Self Worth?”

  1. Linda Kuzior Avatar
    Linda Kuzior

    Excellent! 😉

  2. Mike Sawyer Avatar

    Great post, being inspired to help others is always a good point. The motivation to keep pushing forward defines your character and coming from a harsh background, relating to the fact that pushing through everyday with the right spirit, mind and faith can be the perfect combination to inspire others to reflect on changes that they may need to find happiness. Excellent post!