Summer Fun: Turning Children into Confident Swimmers

Summer Fun: Turning Children into Confident Swimmers

Summer Fun: Turning Children into Confident Swimmers

One of the most fun and interesting activities that summer brings into mind is swimming, so it is very important to have your children learn how to swim at early age. Of course they could attend swimming lessons with professionals, but why not giving a try to teaching them yourself? Even if you know only the basics, your children will find it more fun and easy learning it from you. Later on, as they master the basics, they can learn more swimming techniques from trained coaches; but, for starters, here is what you can do yourself.

Before Visiting the Pool

Depending on the age of your child, there are several things to remember. First thing first, brush on CPR techniques. Likelihood of ever having to use them are extremely low, but better be prepared. Then, pay attention to whether your child is willing to learn how to swim. If he finds bathing fun and is willing to play games, especially by sinking toys under the water and letting them jump out of the water, those could be signs your little toddler is prepared for trying it himself. And consult a doctor prior to visiting the pool to check your child’s general health condition. If your child is still using diapers, make sure to get the specially made waterproof diapers, as you do not want to risk your child’s health, or somebody else’s, for that matter.

Off to the Pool

One of the ways to make your child relaxed when faced with pools is to make it a game. Try showing him how nice it is to see other swimmers glide through the water and how enjoyable it can be to jump into the water, especially during hot summer days. Explain to the child that there are some rules on how to behave at a pool so as to be safe, such as: no jumping into the water while there are people around you, no running on the edge of the pool, as it is extremely slippery and / or hot from the sun, no pushing, etc.

Into the water

Hopefully, you will get your child in the water real fast, but be cautious. He might think swimming is extremely easy to perform and expose himself to danger if not properly taught some basics. So make sure you enter the water with him and keep your eyes on him at all times – even later, when the child is relaxed in the water. Introduce the child to the water gradually, and smile every time you show your child a new skill, as you want to make it an enjoyable activity. Start by learning your child some basic moves, like hand movements with fingers together; how to blow water bubbles with only his mouth underwater; how to kick water with his legs. Then, as children relaxes, try teaching him how to sink his head underwater – and to keep his eyes and mouth closed so as not to drink any pool water and put himself into danger. What is next is to teach him how to float on his back – you should always help his proper posture with your hands, and always show everything first, as well as explaining in detail what you are going to do.

At home

All this gets really easy when you own a pool at home, because you can teach your children how to swim any time you want. No matter the size or the shape of your backyard or garden, you can even have Sydney swimming pools installed, as they are made of concrete and easily customisable to whatever you like. If this is the option you go for, make sure to install the fences and disable any access to the pool to a child who still does not know how to swim. They offer an array of options to make swimming as enjoyable and carefree experience as it gets.

A knowledgeable parent is what every child likes. If you are the one teaching him one of the most important and most fun summer activities, it is something a child will never forget. Make it fun and pleasant and the child will have no problems grasping it.

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Does your child love to swim? Did your child take swim lessons?

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5 responses to “Summer Fun: Turning Children into Confident Swimmers”

  1. Scott Avatar

    We’re firm believers that children should be taught as early as possible. If nothing else, just from a safety standpoint.

  2. Jennifer Clay Avatar

    These are some great tips! When we went on vacation in June, we went swimming. It was the first time my son who is 2 got into a swimming pool. He had a lot of fun. We showed him some basic things and he picked up on very well.

  3. Liz Mays Avatar

    Great ideas! It can be lots of fun for them once they get a handle on the idea.

  4. Elizabeth O. Avatar
    Elizabeth O.

    That’s true, it’s important to show them that you’re also having fun in the water to encourage them to swim more. For me, swimming is an essential skill that they must learn, you know, in case.

  5. Erinn Sluka Avatar
    Erinn Sluka

    I started my son at 18 months to swim. It is so important to teach as early as possible