How Can Swaddling Help Your Baby Sleep Better?

The Benefits of Swaddling Your Baby

Most of the hospital nurses, will teach you how to swaddle your baby so that he or she feels secure.  Swaddling can help babies sleep better and can even help them sleep for longer stretches at a time.  An unswaddled baby will often wake themselves up because they feel like they are falling, this is known as the moro reflex.  This reflex slowly disappears by the time your baby is 4-5 months old.

It is important that you swaddle your baby as tightly as possible.  A loose swaddle or improper technique, you may find that your baby figured out how to kick out of it and will wake themselves up.  You can use a receiving blanket, muslin cloth, or buy the fancy swaddling blankets.  Once your baby is around 4-5 months old, you no longer have to  swaddle your baby unless they seem to enjoy it or it helps them sleep better.  However, an older baby usually figures out how to get out of a swaddle blanket, even the miracle wrap blankets.

Demonstration on How to Swaddle Your Baby


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Did you use swaddle blankets for your baby?


2 responses to “How Can Swaddling Help Your Baby Sleep Better?”

  1. Steph~ Avatar


    Another very informative & helpful article you have published~ 🙂 I value you/your work and all you are doing to help moms, dads, and families. It is so helpful how you include actual product recommendations.

    Enjoying seeing your work/site grow, with gratitude, Steph~

  2. Irene Avatar

    I didn’t swaddle much when Buggy was a baby. Maybe because we weren’t that good at it but I wish i would have kept at it. She probably would have been a better sleeper.

    thanks for stopping by my site –