How Can Swaddling Help Your Baby Sleep Better?

The crib is ready to go and everything is prepared for the baby’s arrival.  The only thing that you are waiting on is your baby to make his or her grand entrance.  At this point of your pregnancy, you are probably anxiously waiting for the opportunity to finally meet your baby.  However, once you begin labor and are admitted into the hospital then the real work begins.

The first few days are generally a blur; especially, while you are still in the hospital.  I remember that I didn’t get much sleep and my baby didn’t want me to put him down in his bassinet, which is normal.  The outside world is new  for your baby and they are adjusting to life outside of the womb.    In the womb your baby was used to being snuggled up, in a tiny ball.  Also during the day when you are moving around you are gently rocking your baby and have the perfect white noise, your heart beat and your voice.  You may have noticed while in your tummy that your baby was more active at night as well, which is why a newborn seems to be awake more at night and have their days and nights confused.

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Many mom’s will tell you that they didn’t get very much sleep while they were in the hospital, I know that I never hardly got an restful sleep.  Just as if you are about to drift off to sleep, someone comes into the room wanting to check on you or the baby or someone comes to visit you.  I was always so anxious to go home and So that I could actually get some rest.  However, once you are at home your baby may not want to have anything to do with his or her crib.   This leaves many parents often find themselves scrambling to find a safe place for baby to sleep.  Swaddling may help your baby get accustomed to sleeping alone and in their crib.

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    Another very informative & helpful article you have published~ 🙂 I value you/your work and all you are doing to help moms, dads, and families. It is so helpful how you include actual product recommendations.

    Enjoying seeing your work/site grow, with gratitude, Steph~

  2. Irene Avatar

    I didn’t swaddle much when Buggy was a baby. Maybe because we weren’t that good at it but I wish i would have kept at it. She probably would have been a better sleeper.

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