Swimming is Soothing

swimming-is-soothingWater is one of the more abundant, definitely one of the most essential, and probably one of the greatest mind healers we humans have. Most human use water for the basic needs such like drinking, bathing, and washing away waste from our toilets, our sinks, our streets, our cars, etc. Swimming in water is something many of us could stand to do more of, and especially, have our children join us. Swimming and being immersed in water provides tremendous therapeutic effects, creates sculpted bodies through exercise, and is a fantastic form of entertainment. So whether it be for you, or your family, jump in the water!

When we humans are being formed in the wombs of our mothers, we reside in the sensation of weightlessness. Floating in water is just about the only way to easily bring about this sensation. If you have ever brought your child into the pool at a very young age, you will find that they have a high level of comfort being in the water. They happily will let you drop them under water where they will open their eyes and flail their arms about with the impression that they are trying to swim.

Therapeutic effects of swimming – A forgotten aspect of swimming is often the healing benefits that floating in water provides to your mind, body, and spirit. When floating in water, the weightless sensation that your body feels provides your body with a lack of force on your limbs that your body feels at just about no other time. After about 20 minutes, your body recognizes that it is weightless in water and will send signals to your brain to release various endorphins that serve as pain killers, and can put your mind and body at ease. It truly is an exciting experience when you understand the science behind it and can consciously think about what is happening to your body.swimming-is-soothing3

To be sure to get the best effects out of relaxation in your pool for you and your children, I would highly recommend have consistently stay on top of your swimming pool cleaning. It is incredibly important to have a clean pool so your mind can truly be at ease when it is time for relaxation.

Swimming Exercise – Swimming is one of those forgotten exercises that absolutely should be incorporated into the workout routines of just about every individual. For the cardio people, people often will choose activities like running, basketball, and mountain

swimming-is-soothing1climbing, undertakings that often contribute to impact injuries. Due to the weightless nature water provides to the human body, tension is far less on your bones, muscles, and ligaments. But, when actively moving about and swimming, muscles are stretched, built, and toned due to the strain of moving through water, as it is much denser than air. Swimming is also great for losing weight and burning fat. And, being in cool water, exercise becomes much more of a soothing form of training that can burn a lot of calories without even feeling like you are exercising.

Aquatic Entertainment – Hanging out at the pool with friends is a main staple of many of our childhoods. Public pools, backyard pools, waterparks, lake swimming, ocean swimming, and river swimming, there are thousands of bodies of water to get yourself into to enjoy a great time. Just in public pools and backyard pools, there are endless amounts of toys you can use with your children.

River, Lake, and Ocean swimming can sure be a blast too. Being in the same body of water as millions of creature that only dwell in these bodies of water can sure be an exhilarating feeling. There are actually some animals who love humans. If you have ever had the chance to swim with dolphins or sea turtles, there really is nothing like it, and it truly is a blast!

Whatever type of body of water is your preference, just jump in and experience all the effects that water can have on you!






3 responses to “Swimming is Soothing”

  1. Kirsty Hedgelin Avatar
    Kirsty Hedgelin

    Today was just too hot for me to sit inside all day, I felt like my skin was melting away since the A/C was out of funk. Your post gave me the motivation today to get off my butt and have a pool day with my children. Moments like these make me happy now, and the memories will last me forever. Thanks for another great share!

    1. Uplifting Families Avatar
      Uplifting Families

      Hi Kirsty,
      We are glad for giving you the virtual push 🙂 This is what life is all about, lovely memories with our wonderful kids and getting exercise is just a great side benefit!

  2. Julie Avatar

    Definitely true. Swimming was my therapy this summer, and the easiest way for my children to play and exercise this past hot as heck summer.