The Advances in Laser Dentistry that will Make You Smile

Image: Pixabay

It was a known thing in the past that patients would fear the dentist or dental surgeon, but these days, pain-free treatments are on offer because of advances in laser technology. They are, of course, not offered by every dentist in every area, but it is well worth finding out where they are.

To find out more information about laser treatments available, you might want to make contact with Wayzata Dental, who will be able to offer assistance and put a smile on your face, for more than one reason. That is because of reducing the anxiety of having treatments that would have been more painful without lasers, and because of the way dentistry now focuses more on the aesthetics and how a pleasing set of teeth will look to ourselves and others, and not only on having a healthy mouth.

So, just what kinds of laser surgery are possible?

Who Can Offer Dental Treatment Without a Drill?

Now, it is a known fact that it is possible in some areas to have dental treatment without a drill or the necessity for Novocaine. In Minneapolis, though, it is currently only available for the patients of Wayzata Dental. So, it is worth checking them out and then becoming a patient if you haven’t already. It makes sense to make everything as pain-free as possible. That is, after all, what puts most of us off going to the dentist when we shouldn’t, for the sake of our health and our smile. A smile that can do wonders for our life.

What Types of Laser Treatments are Available?

Laser dental surgery is available for kids as well as adults.

The isotopic CO2 laser that the Solea technology uses will vaporize enamel rather than slowly chip it away, which allows a dentist to work anywhere within your oral cavity, and from any angle he chooses. This will help ease of access and so increase the speed of your procedure. Nobody wants to be in the dental chair any longer than necessary.

Canker sore laser treatment is available for treating canker sores effectively. Wayzata Dental, a dental surgery that offers this treatment, as well as many others, make use of a soft tissue laser. This provides a treatment that satisfies the following three criteria. It is comfortable, effective, and affordable. Its light energy will reduce discomfort as nerve endings are sealed. A bonus, too, is that the healing process is faster. We all want to heal faster to lessen the amount of time we are uncomfortable for. So, what is not to like about laser dentistry?

History of Laser Technology in Dentistry

The use of lasers in dentistry can be traced back to 1960, so it is not new in itself, just in its latest advancements.

Laser stands for “Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation” and was introduced to dentistry by Miaman. It has been used for hard and soft tissue. During the last two decades, much research has been carried out on laser application, which has resulted in the laser dental techniques we have today.

So, as always, we have much to thank technology for. In dentistry, it is procedures that can be carried out quicker and with reduced pain. As technology becomes wider spread, it becomes cheaper to purchase. This has now happened with dentistry because many laser dental treatments are inexpensive yet provide better and more comfortable treatments. The only thing to note is that they are not available everywhere, so you will need to check out the dental practices near you that offer such a service. It is worth commuting that extra distance to a surgery because of how pleased you will be with the experience and the results produced.