Why Thrift Shopping with Kids is a Great Idea

Learn Why Thrift Shopping with Kids is a Great Idea

Why Thrift Shopping with Kids is a Great IdeaIt is no secret that a lot of families are struggling to make ends meet at the moment, or that keeping children equipped with all the things they need can be an expensive task. If you are wondering just how to keep your growing child in things like clothes and shoes and this is a source of stress for you, thrift shopping can be a great solution. As you probably know, at the thrift store, you can buy second hand goods that are usually in good condition, at low prices.

Why Finding Great Bargains for Kids Second Hand is Easy

When it comes to items for kids, second hand items like clothes and toys tend to be easy to find in a good or serviceable condition because parents of other fast growing youngsters hand them in after only a short time of use. This means you can get items that may have only been used by another child for a few months and still look good enough to please even the most fashion conscious child. You can also find toys of all sorts, from second hand video games through to outdoor accessories like basketball hoops and balls. For many families who are low on budget, this can mean the difference between a child having new toys on their birthday and Christmas, and not.

Thrift Shopping with Children Can be Fun

As well as being a great way to lay your hands on all the clothes, shoes, books and toys you need to give your child a good standard of living, even with a low income, thrift shopping can in itself become a fun family activity. People from all walks of life enjoy exploring second hand shops and thrift stores as a hobby, and if you teach your kids to enjoy it as a day out and quality time together, sometimes it doesn’t even matter if you don’t find something special for them – they have still had a good time. You may not be able to treat them to a day exploring the aisles at Toys R Us, but this can be an alternative that can, in many ways, be more rewarding for them.

Getting children into the habit of looking for bargains can also help teach them the value of money, and give them bargain hunting skills that may serve them well in later life when they need to find good deals on things for their own homes or families.

When Thrift Shopping Isn’t Possible

If you can’t make it to a thrift shop or there isn’t one in your area, you can still get all the advantages of picking up second hand stuff for kids by checking out the items on websites like Gumtree.com that allow people with items they no longer need to sell them locally, nationally or internationally. This may not be as fun as going out shopping with your kids, but you have access to an even bigger pool of possible bargains and so can often get even better prices if you want a specific item.

Try thrift shopping or second hand shopping with your family – you may be amazed how far it can make your money stretch!

Do you thrift shop with your children? If so, share what you found at a thrift shop.


13 responses to “Learn Why Thrift Shopping with Kids is a Great Idea”

  1. Robin Chiacchieri Ruehrwein Avatar

    I buy things like jeans for my boys at thrift shops. They are always coming home with holes their knees and I refuse to pay full price.

  2. Scott Avatar

    We take ours all the time – even to the Goodwill Outlets where things get a little crazy!

  3. Robert Manea Avatar
    Robert Manea

    My kids and I enjoy shopping this way.. never know what we are going to find!

  4. Esther Wilson Avatar

    I think thrift shopping is a lot of fun. It also teaches the kids how to save money. I will have to check out Gumtree.com. I have not tried to thrift shop online before.

  5. Jessica Savinggreenmama Avatar

    My kids love to go thrift shopping, especially if they are spending their own money. They have really learned their money goes a lot further at thrift stores.

  6. Pamela Bluehs Rote Avatar
    Pamela Bluehs Rote

    we've had generations of thrift shop shopping in our family—I the best is finding house hold items you can repurpose!

  7. celebbabylaundry Avatar

    I have never been in a thrift store before, I don’t think there are any near me to be honest!

  8. Elizabeth Towns Avatar
    Elizabeth Towns

    I used to teach an impromptu class at my church for pre and teenage girls about thrift shopping. The church supplied each girl with $15 and we spent one day talking about thrift shopping and one afternoon actually shopping. I learned from my mom and aunt over a lifetime. I hated thrift shopping because I spent hours of doing it while I as growing up. It was my Moms past-time – she remade, repurposed and recovered items. I had no idea I was actually learning during all of those hours!

  9. karissa Avatar

    I have rarely been thrift store shopping. I’m sure my daughter would love it. She’s a shopper.

  10. Danielle K Avatar

    I love buying second hand and have gotten many things for my son that way.

  11. Angie B Avatar

    We don’t go thrift shopping very often but we do enjoy ourselves when we do. I’ve found sound pretty cool things while thrift shopping

  12. Yona Williams Avatar

    When I go to the thrift shop with my Mom, sometimes we will bring my nephew along. We’ve transformed him into a bargain-finder. He will gravitate to the toy section, look at books, and the last time he was there, he got this goblet for himself (lol). He also loves garage sales. I love that he doesn’t have a ‘thing’ with buying gently used items.

  13. Rebecca Swenor Avatar

    I love shopping at thrift stores and so do my kids. It is always that you get good deals and much more for your buck. Thanks for sharing.