Ways to Boost your Immune System during Pregnancy 

Ways to Boost your Immune System during Pregnancy 


Even though sleep comes last whenever we think of building our immune, truth is it is one of crucial aspects of it. It hasn’t yet been established in which ways sleep deprivation affects your baby, but given it affects your immune system to a high extent; it can only mean it affects the baby’s too.

Aim for that 7-8 hours of sleep, and nap whenever you can. Find ways to relax more – put your feet up, when in public transport look for a place to sit, and so on.

During the first and third trimester, don’t be alarmed if you wake up several times in the middle of the night. Plus during the third trimester, it will be difficult for your to find a comfortable position to sleep in as your tummy gets bigger.


If you were one those avid exercisers before pregnancy, there is no need to stop now. Naturally, you’ll have to consult with your trainer on the intensity of your workout as your pregnancy continues. When it becomes hard to workout (your baby bump is going to get bigger fast) try prenatal Pilates class, prenatal yoga class or consider walking, stationary bike, elliptical machines or light weights.

By decreasing systemic inflammation, exercise promotes the immune system during pregnancy.

Vitamins, minerals, fluids

Vitamins D and Omega 3 are increasingly important during pregnancy. If possible, get vitamin D via sunshine and if not supplements are a great option. As for Omega 3, they help ensure proper neurological and brain development in your baby and decrease inflammation for mom and baby. Don’t take these or any other before consulting your doctor. Further, drink lots of warm fluids, like various detox teas and warm lemonades.

Pregnancy is the first step to motherhood. Throughout those nine months, you grow with your child, bond with it and prepare mentally for it to arrive. For everything to go smoothly, take care of yourself, listen to our advice and enjoy this blessing you’re given!

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3 responses to “Ways to Boost your Immune System during Pregnancy ”

  1. Michelle Feliciano Avatar

    I have been taking probiotics to help in my weight loss efforts. I didn't know it helped boost your immune system. Good to know!

  2. Czjai Reyes-Ocampo Avatar

    Great tips! My pregnancy diet back then included lots of fruits and veggies, and oats and cereals, too. 🙂

  3. Holly @ Woman Tribune Avatar

    Immune health is so important, especially during pregnancy! You’ve put together some really great tips here, especially when it comes to keeping a healthy and balanced diet. Green, leafy veggies work wonders in the body!