Ways to Boost your Immune System during Pregnancy 

Ways to Boost your Immune System during Pregnancy 

Ways to Boost your Immune System during Pregnancy You’re pregnant! Congratulations! Let your wonderful family live long and happy life and your growing baby be healthy, smart and gorgeous!

For you and your baby to be healthy, it’s vital that you take proper care of your immune system before, during and after pregnancy.

Your little baby  needs a healthy and safe place to grow, relax and develop, don’t you think? And we are sure you want the best for both of you! So, keep reading through our advice.

Your gynecologist (and your friends who have already given birth) has probably explained it to you that, during pregnancy, most moms experience a decrease in their immune system. This is mostly because pregnant women suffer from nausea, lack of sleep and exercise, nutrition, fatigue, not to mention you are growing another human that’s draining all vitamins and minerals out of you!

Luckily, there is the science behind keeping the pregnancy going.

Your body is stronger than you give it credit! The brain will automatically decrease (down regulate) and then increase (up regulate) the mom’s immune system activity during her entire pregnancy. Even though you’ve got this auto- pilot inbuilt in your health system, you’re still just as susceptible to colds, virus’s and the dreaded flu as any other person. The only difference is – you’ve got a growing human inside of you and you are far more sensitive than others. For this reason you simply have to be extra careful and watch for your immune system.

That being said, here are a few tips to boost your immune system from the outside.


Probiotics are the “friendly bacteria” and they “operate” in our gut/intestines. This is where over 50% of our immune system is centered.  By keeping the bad bacteria in our body on a stand by, probiotics boost our immune system and help  ease digestion. Probiotics have been known to decrease skin and food allergies in babies.

They can maintain the integrity of the lining of the intestines and improve intestinal function.


Unless you are one of the rare who doesn’t suffer from morning, or the dreaded all day sickness, diet is no problem for you. Anything you eat or consume during pregnancy builds both your and our babies immune system.

Unless you are vegetarian or vegan consume lean meats, fresh fruits and vegetables (organic and non-gmo if possible), legumes and lentils. These should be the cornerstone of your diet at this point and this “menu” is what you should also carry through to after the baby is born and during nursing. Having a good diet is of paramount importance. Generally good diet is assumed to be boring and dull, it doesn’t have to be. With this great book by Dr Gundry you can plan on a healthy and delicious diet along with great tips on staying fit.

Dark colored berries like blackberries, red raspberries and blueberries are full of antioxidants which boost immunity and help decrease free radicals and inflammation.

Dark leafy vegetables are a good source of Calcium and contain healthy immune boosting vitamins such as Vitamin A, C and K.

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3 responses to “Ways to Boost your Immune System during Pregnancy ”

  1. Michelle Feliciano Avatar

    I have been taking probiotics to help in my weight loss efforts. I didn't know it helped boost your immune system. Good to know!

  2. Czjai Reyes-Ocampo Avatar

    Great tips! My pregnancy diet back then included lots of fruits and veggies, and oats and cereals, too. 🙂

  3. Holly @ Woman Tribune Avatar

    Immune health is so important, especially during pregnancy! You’ve put together some really great tips here, especially when it comes to keeping a healthy and balanced diet. Green, leafy veggies work wonders in the body!