Ways to Prepare Your Body For Sleep

Sleep is essential for a happy and healthy existence. You have a busy schedule with many demands, including young children, a home to tend to and maybe even a work from home job. In order to have the energy to remain alert and productive throughout the day, you need to get enough sleep. Luckily, there are many ways to prepare your body for sleep to achieve a good night’s rest.

Calming the Body

Preparing the body for sleep is easier than you might imagine. By doing things before bedtime like drinking chamomile tea, or taking a CBD supplement that helps with sleep, along with a hot relaxing bath with soothing and calming lavender, you will put your body into a relaxed state and prepare it for rest.

Turn off Electronic Devices

With advancements in technology, most people have some sort of device such as an iPad, iPhone or a laptop. If you often play games or surf the net after tucking children into bed as a way to unwind at the end of your day, you may actually be doing the opposite. Playing games, checking emails and going onto social media, stimulates your mind, making it hard to fall asleep.

Replace Your Mattress

If you toss and turn all night and find it almost impossible to get comfortable and fall asleep, it may be due to nothing other than your mattress. While most brands today can last five or more years before they need replacing, even having the wrong level of firmness for your body can cause you to remain awake longer.

Create a Dark Room

Sleeping with any light source in the room at night, especially a television, can prevent you from falling asleep. If you have a street light located perfectly to shine in your window, investing in blackout curtain panels can prove beneficial. Some people also have trouble sleeping if it’s too quiet. Thankfully, a fan can provide a steady hum that eliminates the outside noise distraction and lets you doze off quickly into a deep sleep.


Exercise during the day raises your body temperature, and when it turns to normal, this naturally relaxes you. By exercising in the afternoon, you’ll be able to unwind in the evening and then drift off to sleep easily.

Avoid Heavy Foods and Caffeine

A heavy meal or sweet treat within an hour of your normal bedtime can cause you to remain awake longer. In addition, eating these types of food when you are tired can cause pain and bloating in your stomach that now compounds the problem. Caffeine found in soda pop and coffee can extend your waking hours by up to 3 hours. If you want to drink a cup of coffee or consume soda, cut it off earlier in the day.

Stick with a Routine

Your body functions best when it has a routine. The best way to experience a good night’s sleep is to stick to a schedule. While it can vary, on the average you should have meals at a certain time and a bedtime routine for every member of the household.

Sleep affects you both mentally and physically. That’s why it’s so important to get the proper amount of rest every night. The good news is that if you currently have trouble falling and remaining asleep, there are things you can do to change it.

Image: Pixabay