12 Homework Tips for Children with ADHD/ADD #FallBacktoSchool

12 Homework Tips for Children with ADHD/ADD

My oldest son has struggled with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) since he was fairly young. We tried countless things until we found the right combination that worked for him. This took a long time for the doctors  to figure out so if you are at the beginning of the process don’t give up. Continue to be persistent and be open to try a few different things.

Also, make sure that your child is getting enough sleep at night. If your child, has issues with sleeping talk to your doctor. There are things that you can do to help your child get enough sleep.

Today, I want to share with you 12 Homework Tips for Children with ADHD/ADD.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. If you have any questions about ADHD or ADD, talk to your child’s doctor or health care provider.

Help Find a Solution to Your Child’s Forgetfulness

Is your child always forgetting their homework at school or get home only to forget what they are supposed to do? Try not to get upset with them. Instead, work with your child and help them find a solution to figure out a system to make remembering their assignments easier. I personally found giving my son a homework journal helped him keep up with his assignments. You can even use a calendar so that they can write down the due dates for each assignment.

Make a Specific Folder for Homework Assignments

When my son was in elementary, he was given a special folder to keep his homework papers in along with any notes or graded papers. Once they get to middle or high school, they will no longer be prompted to put their homework in their folder because they are expected to keep up with their own things at this point. Designate a folder or area in their notebook for all of their homework assignments.

Ask Your Child’s Teacher for a Copy of the Daily Notes

I have noticed that kids aren’t bringing home books anymore. I remember using textbooks to do our assignments. Without a textbook, often times they have to rely on their notes to help them do assignments. If they are relying on taking notes in class, you might work with your child’s teacher to send home a copy of the notes or even email you a copy. I know that I have struggled trying to help my son with his homework simply because he didn’t have any notes or a textbook to support the lesson. Plus, I am finding that teachers are teaching things a bit differently compared to when I went to school especially math. If your child has a smartphone, you can even have them take a photo of the notes or even record the teachers lecture if they are struggling.

Teach Them to Work on Projects When They are Assigned

I found that my son would often put off working on his projects until a day or so before they were due. Projects that are done last minute are often thrown together and don’t showcase your child’s full potential. Teach your child that when they are given a special project to always start working on it as soon as it is assigned. They don’t have to complete it all on the first day it is given but they at least need to start working on it. It is important that they work on it a little bit each day. This will help teach them time management skills and it prevent them from forgetting about the project altogether.

Teach Your Child How to Study

Children today are not taught how to study in school; instead, they are left on their own to figure out how to develop their own study habits. Even children who don’t struggle with ADHD aren’t taught proper study habits. Here is a great resource to help you teach your child how to study effectively. Good study habits will help them especially if they decide to go to college too.

Homework First

It is best to have your child start their homework within 30 minutes to an hour after they get home. My kids usually go straight to their room and get started. We have a rule in our house that homework has to be done before they are allowed to go outside and play or do anything else. This prevents your child from waiting until close to bedtime to start working on their homework.

Keep an Eye on Their Grades to Determine if They are Rushing Through Their Homework

My son often takes a bit longer to get his assignments done because he gets distracted. I started the homework first rule so that he had plenty of time to get all of his homework completed before bedtime. I do find that sometimes he will rush through his homework just so that he can do other things that he would rather be doing. If you find that your child is having to constantly redo their homework for a corrected grade, it might be an indicator that they are rushing through their work. Make sure that they take the time that they need to in order to complete the assignment correctly the first time.

Do Watch for Frustration or Fatigue

If you notice that your child is getting frustrated or fatigued while doing their homework, have them take a break and come back to it. You can let them go outside and get some fresh air, go play for 20 to 30 minutes, or do something that they enjoy to help them recharge. The last thing that you want is your child giving up because they are frustrated or too fatigued to get their work done. Sometimes a break is enough to help them refocus on the problem so that they can figure it out.

Buy  a Wiggle Seat

Does your child like to wiggle or fidget while they are working? You can buy them a wiggle seat. A wiggle seat is designed to help them focus while they are sitting. You can add  the wiggle seat to their desk chair so that they can use it while they are doing their homework. They are even small enough for your child to take to school too. You can buy a wiggle seat here.

Use Technology to Your Advantage

There are so many online resources such as Follett available to help families and students. Follett provides families with great resources that you can use to help guide you along the way, including; tips, guides, advice columns and much more! Many schools are transitioning to using technology in the classroom. When your child runs into a problem with their homework, let them use technology to their advantage. Depending on the age of your child, you might want to supervise them. Let them use apps to help with learning or to watch educational videos.

This year my son has access to his history book online. I love it because he doesn’t have to cart a bunch of heavy books home in his backpack. Technology is the wave of the future and children today will have to learn how to use it. Check out this infographic to help you understand whether parents think:  Teaching or Technology matters the most.

Teaching or Tech

Do Offer Plenty of Praise

Always praise your child for doing their best even if they are struggling with getting their homework done. You can easily praise them for trying their best, staying focused, getting a good grade, or even completing their homework lesson. Simple praise goes a long way and encourages children to continue working hard.

Reward Your Child

You can even implement a reward system to help motivate your child to get their homework done. We found that this works great for my oldest son. It gives him a goal to work towards.

I hope that these 12 homework tips for children with ADHD/ADD make falling back into the school routine easier. Remember that every child is different and you might have to tweak these tips to make them work for you and your child.

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What tip are you planning on trying first?

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11 responses to “12 Homework Tips for Children with ADHD/ADD #FallBacktoSchool”

  1. Miranda Sherman Avatar

    These are some amazing tips that will help so many families out there. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Robin (Masshole Mommy) Avatar
    Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    I want to get a wiggle seat for my little guy. He is definitley fidgety.

  3. harriet Avatar

    So many kids, and adults, have to deal with this. Thanks for the tips

  4. Elizabeth O. Avatar
    Elizabeth O.

    I consider myself lucky for never having to deal with this. This could be a very good resource, thank you for the tips.

  5. Karlyn Cruz Avatar

    These are great suggestions for all children. They tend to get distracted and disorganized without some guidelines.

  6. Adriana Avatar

    Attention and focus problems in kids and adults are hard to be able to learn. However your tips are great, thanks for sharing.

  7. Erinn S Avatar

    Teaching kids to study is a great point. We forget that they sometimes need help finding different methods that work best for them! I am a flashcard studier! 🙂 http://www.parentinghealthy.com/

  8. Elizabeth Towns Avatar

    I need a wiggle seat. Neither of my kids sit still. I think you have some great points here, especially in teaching kids HOW to study; I’m not sure many parent and/or teachers understand that is a learned skill. The environment and atmosphere for study are super important too.

  9. Lalia @ Found Frolicking Avatar

    Sound like great tips and tricks to try for children who struggle with attention, concentration, and hyperactivity. I only recently heard about a wiggle seat for the first time. They sound like a great tool!

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