3 Great Benefits of Increased Physical Activity

3 Great Benefits of Increased Physical Activity and Ways to Encourage Your Child to Be More Active

3 Great Benefits of Increased Physical ActivityAs a mom of three, I realize how important it is for my children to get enough exercise and have time to play outside.  Things have changed dramatically since I was a child growing up and I feel that kids today don’t have the opportunity to get outside to play.  Kids are either busy with school work, participating in after-school activities, or their parents don’t have time to sit outside and watch their kids play.  Parents today are worried about their children’s safety and parents often feel that it isn’t safe to leave their kids outside unsupervised, so the kids are suffering.

Playing outside is not only a great way for your child to burn off some of that excessive energy but it is a great way for them to get some exercise.  According the the Centers of Disease Control, they recommend that children and adolescents should get a minimum of 60 minutes of exercise on a daily basis.  An hour may seem like a lot of time but figuring out how to add an hour of exercise for your child doesn’t have to be overwhelming.  In fact, most children are getting enough exercise, especially, if they have physical education, recess at school, or go to daycare after school.  However, if your children aren’t getting enough exercise during the day it is important that you try to commit to making sure that your child is getting enough physical activity each day.

Disclosure:  This post is for informational purposes only.  Please check with your child’s doctor before starting any exercise program.

Exercise Gives Them a Break from School Activities

Once your child gets home from school, most children are ready to relax or spend time playing before diving into their homework.  During the school day, most kids spend a majority of their day sitting down focused on their school work.  If they are allowed to go outside once they get home from school, they are able to burn off some extra energy.  Exercise can help them channel their excessive energy and help improve their ability to concentrate and focus on getting their homework finished.  If you see that your child is frustrated or struggling with their homework, encourage them to take a break or go exercise.  Exercise can help clear your child’s mind and reduce their stress and frustrations.

Exercise Reduces Stress

Adding exercise to your child’s daily routine not only improves their overall health but it also helps reduce stress.  Children today are often overwhelmed with pressures from school and their friends.  Most kids probably seem like they have it all together and seem like they have a stress free life.   In fact, it may seem as if they are handling their stress pretty well but the truth is more and more children today are stressed out.  Children often become withdrawn or they are overactive and try to find things to keep themselves constantly busy.  If you think that your child is stressed out, you should encourage to find some type of exercise that they enjoy (see list of ideas below).

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6 responses to “3 Great Benefits of Increased Physical Activity and Ways to Encourage Your Child to Be More Active”

  1. Dee Avatar

    Great post! So many people undervalue physical activity. It does so much more than help you with weight loss and learn to be active. (And schools need to remember how important recess is for this very reason!) I love to workout and when I don’t fit it in, I feel like a slug..so I’ve felt like a slug for four days now! I miss my runs!

  2. Karen Avatar

    Kids naturally want to be active so I think encouraging them is a great idea

  3. Rosey Avatar

    I love the list of creative ways to get the kiddos moving. There’s bound to be something for everyone on there. Great message to share!

  4. Laura Avatar

    Being active is VERY important. We like to have dance offs with the kids and when the weather is nice we are always outdoors.

  5. Columba Lisa Smith Avatar

    I worked hard to make sure my kids exercised when they were younger. At times, it was a huge battle; they’d rather play video games. Now that they’re teens, they’re finally owning their exercise. One of my sons disciplines himself to do a series of strength training exercises at night. He also rides his bike a lot. The other son has just started taking exercise seriously. He didn’t listen to my input, but he read something online that convinced him. Whatever works, lol! My daughter isn’t quite as enthusiastic; hopefully soon.

  6. Columba Lisa Smith Avatar

    I’ve always insisted my kids exercise–and it’s always been a struggle. They would prefer to sit at the computer for hours. It’s worth hanging in there, though. My son (16) now is self-motivated, doing a series of strength training exercises each night. He rides his bike and hikes, too. In the end, my nagging paid off!