5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Car Interior Like New

5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Car Interior Like New

5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Car Interior Like NewDuring the school year, I am constantly running my kids back and forth to band practice and other activities during the week. I have noticed by the end of the week the car is usually filled with trash or things that the kids bring with them in the car. I always try to get the kids to take their stuff inside when they get out of the car but it doesn’t always work out in my favor. Today, I wanted to share some tips on how to keep your car interior looking clean just like the day that you purchased your car.

We spend a lot of our hours in our cars, so it makes sense that they always seem to end up with messes in them. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take that will keep your car looking like new.

Have a Designated Place to Keep Garbage In Your Car and Empty Your Garbage Every Time You Get Gas

If your kids are anything like mine a ton of garbage can accumulate very quickly inside of your car, so make sure you have a designated place for the kids to put garbage. You can get some garbage bags or sacks that are specifically designed for cars or you can use those plastic grocery sacks. They hang behind the back of a front bucket seat. Other garbage containers are designed to sit down by your feet. Having a designated garbage can in the car is all well and good, but you have to make sure you empty it too. Simply make a routine out of emptying it out on a regular basis will help you to accomplish this task on a more consistent basis. Try dumping out the garbage every time you pump gas.

Don’t Eat in Your Car and Set Rules for the Kids

It may be tempting to eat in the car, but it’s a good idea to try to avoid this. Make sure to plan your meals around your commutes, and opt for sit-down meals when you’re traveling by car. Kids in the car can cause a lot of messes. Make sure your children know the rules. Tell them to throw away their trash in the designated garbage and use napkins for spills. It’s important that they clean up after themselves.

Don’t Use Your Car as Extra Storage and Take Something Out Every Time You Get Out of the Car

A good habit to get into for keeping your car clean is to take something out of your car every time you get out. This might mean throwing something away when you stop at a gas station or taking in an empty coffee cup when you go into work. Don’t forget about things in you stuffed into the  trunk and glove compartment as well. Also make sure that you don’t use your car to store all the extra things that you don’t have room for in your house. Take donation items to the drop-off location right away, have your kids keep their backpacks with them and keep seasonable items in the garage or basement unless they’re needed in the car.

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  1. Erika Avatar

    These are good tips. It’s good to be more conscious about it. When I got my new car, I vowed to treat it better. I gotta say though … outdoor activities like skiing make it tough. Plus parking in San Francisco it’s tough to keep the bumpers from getting scratched too