7 Eco Friendly Back to School Supplies

7 Eco Friendly Back to School Supplies From The Ultimate Green Store

7 Eco Friendly Back to School SuppliesThis summer is already flying by and before I know it my two older kids will be back in school. This makes me sad because I have been enjoying the extra time with all three of my kids. In less than 8 weeks, I will be preparing to send them back to school and I will have to get used to the new routine all over again. When I go shopping for my kids, I always look for ways to save money and the environment so that our family leaves less of a foot print on Earth. Today, I wanted to share with you some great eco-friendly back to school items. I found some of these great products at The Ultimate Green Store.

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Don’t forget to pack your child a thermos filled with water or their favorite beverage. The thermos is designed to keep their drink cold and it can be reused on a daily basis. A thermos is insulated so it will keep their drink cold.

Lunch Box

Laptop Lunch BoxMy kids love packing their lunch everyday rather than standing in the long lunch lines. You can find a wide variety of lunchboxes that have individual containers that will store their sandwich, fruits, veggies, and any healthy snack options that your kids might enjoy. The individual containers will store your child food so that it won’t leak or make a mess in their lunch box, plus you don’t have to send them with plastic baggies that end up in the landfill.

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Ice Pack

Don’t forget to pick up a reusable ice pack for your child’s lunch. This will help keep their lunch cold and keep their food from spoiling especially if your child has a late lunch during the school day. When searching for an ice pack for your child, look for ones that are made of recycled materials and durable enough to last for the entire school year. You can buy several of them so that you can rotate them each day or you can just make sure that your child puts their ice pack in the freezer each night.

Invest in a Good Backpack

water Dog Recycled Pet Hydtration BackpackYour child doesn’t have to have a new backpack every single school year. I highly suggest that you spend a little bit of extra money and invest in a good backpack that is known to hold up and last a long time such as Jansport backpack or ones made from recyclable materials.. You want to look for a backpack that is durable and can withstand the abuse from your child tossing it around on the playground to carrying heavy books when they get older. You can also look for eco-friendly backpacks that are made from recycled materials.

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  1. Rebel Sweetheart Avatar

    Investing in a good backpack (in my case a trolley bag for my son) is a great tip. I don’t mind spending much on a bag that can be used for years. 🙂