7 Things Pack for Your Next Staycation or Family Trip

7 Things Pack for Your Next Staycation or Family Trip + Giveaway Ends 8/7

7 Things Pack for Your Next Staycation or Family Trip

We celebrated our 7th anniversary last month. It has been full of ups and downs. I feel blessed to have a wonderful and supportive spouse who is my best friend, husband, and a wonderful father to my children. I didn’t get the chance to plan a staycation or date weekend with him this year. Normally, for our anniversary we like to plan something fun. We both know that it is important to spend quality time with each other and still go on dates. My favorite thing to do is go stay in a hotel without the kids, plan something fun to do, and relax with my husband. Sometimes, we even do this when it is not a special occasion too.

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Packing for a staycation doesn’t usually require too much effort unlike packing for a family vacation. So next time you are packing for your staycation or even your family vacation, you can use my list of things that I make sure that I take with me on my trips. I usually pack a main bag and then I toss a few other essentials in a smaller bag to keep up in the front seat of the car with me, even on our family trips.

Cell Phone Charger

I always pack my cell phone charger where I can get to it easily. Even if, I don’t use my phone very much in the car I like having it handy in case I need to charge my phone. We have a few of the car chargers that go into the power outlets in the car so that we can both charge our phones if needed.

Prescription Medications

I always make sure that I pack my prescription medications separately from my clothes so that I can easily get to them. During one of our trips, I accidentally left my medication at home and it was a huge mistake on my part. Hotel beds aren’t always comfortable unlike my bed so often times I wake up in knots.

Over the Counter Medication

Even though I take a handful of prescription medications, I typically take allergy medication, First Aid Shot for fast acting pain relief, and a topical pain cream. I get break through pain and sometimes I have to use over the counter medications to help get me through the day.

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Don’t forget your glasses! I always wear my glass for distance so I tend to wear mine from the moment I wake up until it is time to go to bed.


I usually carry my laptop with me in case I need it. I don’t always use it.


I love to read books and don’t always have time to read them at home. If you have a long drive or flight, you have something to occupy your time. I personally love e-books so I usually put a few books on my phone so that I have a few things to read.

Swim Suit

I always pack my swim suit just in case we want to go sit in the hot tub or go swimming. I also usually pack flip flops to wear to the swimming pool. Even if I don’t use it, I usually bring it along because you can’t always find swimwear year round and most hotels frown if you wear a t-shirt and shorts in the pool.

Next time you go on a staycation or family trip, don’t forget to pack these essentials. As a mom, I am usually busy trying to make sure that the kids are packed and ready to go. Every since I left a few crucial items at home a few years ago, I am a bit more diligent when I pack my own stuff so that I don’t forget anything at home. Leaving behind these few items could be a costly mistake and if you have health issues like me then you have to deal with unnecessary pain while you are away from home.

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What items do you always take with you whether you going on an overnight stay without the kids or on your family trip?

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23 responses to “7 Things Pack for Your Next Staycation or Family Trip + Giveaway Ends 8/7”

  1. Christy Maurer Avatar

    The things you mentioned are things I always take too! I don’t leave home without my books 🙂

  2. Liz Mays Avatar

    I bring most of those things along, except for the swimsuit. I don’t even own one! Isn’t that crazy?

  3. Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle Avatar

    When we take a staycation, everything is with us. We don’t leave the house! LOL. These are all great ideas, though. You need all of them for a successful daytrip.

  4. Robin Masshole mommy Avatar
    Robin Masshole mommy

    We make sure to pack all of those things as well as lots and lots of snacks. Hungry kids are cranky kids 🙂

  5. Jennifer Willey Avatar

    Happy Anniversary. Love your list, we also just went on an anniversary stay-cation.
    Visiting from Awesome Bloggers.

  6. Kristin Avatar

    This is a great list. Thank for sharing.

  7. tiaras & tantrums Avatar

    I’m like you – I’m so busy packing for everyone else that I forget something of mine – always – and it is usually my pajamas!

  8. Adriana Martin Avatar

    I think staycations are so much fun, you get to discover a lot of stuff you didnt even know you had on your own city =)

  9. Annemarie LeBlanc Avatar

    I have a small pouch that contains emergency medicines, sanitizer, wipes, band-aids, and a small towel. It is a quick pick up for spur of the moment trips.

  10. Rose Cottrill Avatar

    We always bring OTC medication for the kids and for my migraine when going on a trip. Making a check list before packing helps me not to forget things.

  11. Rosey Avatar

    I could just kick myself when I forget the flipflops. Seems like you always need them when you forget them too.

  12. Lalia @ Found Frolicking Avatar

    Great list! I think you mentioned all of the must-haves that would be my priorities, too. I’d love to take a staycation this year, but I’ll have to see if it is in the cards. It’s been a very busy year!

  13. Ann Bacciaglia Avatar
    Ann Bacciaglia

    I always pack an extra cell phone charger and my laptop to go away. I make a list before we leave so i can be sure i did not forget anything.

  14. Holly @ Woman Tribune Avatar

    Happy anniversary! I swear, every time we take a trip I always end up forgetting something important. The last time it was the car charger and we wound up at a Target right before they closed trying to find a car charger compatible with our phone. What a headache!

  15. Mimi "MimiCuteLips" Green Avatar

    My must have item are chargers for our devices. My second must have item is allergy medicine. The kids and I have allergies so that is a must. The mister would probably say ear plugs. lol

  16. ARod Avatar

    Great list. Congratulations on your anniversary. I never met a pool I didnt want to jump into so my a number 1 item is always always my bathingsuit.

  17. Alyssa C Avatar

    I never leave home without my charger. I have a habit of taking a million pictures and my phone dies quick.

  18. Michelle @ Dishes and Dust Bunnies Avatar

    This is a great list of things keep in mind for when you’re having a staycation! I love having a staycation since there are so many great things to do and see right where we live.

  19. Debbie Denny Avatar
    Debbie Denny

    My chargers and first aid items are what I would pack. Great ideas.

  20. Krystal Avatar

    extra chargers are a must for travel. also my camera and sometimes snacks!

  21. Joanna @ kids activities dubai Avatar

    I usually leave my gadgets (except for my phone) behind when I go on vacations with my family. These e-thingys are more of a distraction.

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