Just Beneath The Surface

Book Review: Just Beneath The Surface By R.H. Ramsey

Just Beneath The SurfaceI just finished reading “Just Beneath the Surface” by R. H. Ramsey.  This book is rated for a mature audience and shouldn’t be read by someone under the age of 18 due to the graphic nature of this book.  This book was full of twists and turns and there was never a dull moment. This book is filled with suspense, drama, and action that will leave you wanting to read more.

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As the story begins, Kendell and Michael had their fair share of relationship problems.  Kendell felt that Michael was immature and never valued her opinion.  They began their relationship at a very young age and never married.  After 14 years and two children, Kendell finds herself upset that Michael refuses to marry her.  Michael is a mama’s boy and wants someone to take care of him.  He feels that Kendell just doesn’t live up to being wife material.  One day they decided to tell the children that they are splitting up.  The kids don’t take it very well and are hopeful that this situation is just temporary.  As the days pass, the kids begin feeling as if their parents are never going to get back together.

Kendell finds herself feeling like a teenager again.  She begins hanging out at the bar, calling men, and often leaves the kids at home to take care of themselves.  Then she meets Spencer, who seems like a great guy on the surface, but he will take a turn for the worse after Kendell marries him.  The kids aren’t very fond of Spencer and when they are over at this house visiting their mother he rarely lets Kendell spend much time with them.  In fact, the abuse began shortly after they got married and Kendell felt that she never did anything right to please her husband.  Spencer begins leaving bruises, cuts, and other injuries on Kendell and expects her to go on as if they never happened.  The abuse seems to get more and more intense each time it happens; however, she feels like she is stuck in the relationship because she loves him.  She finds herself thinking that each time he abuses her that he will change and she always accepts his apology and will do anything to cover up what her husband is doing to her.   She can’t do anything and walks on eggs shells doing her best not to upset Spencer.  Spencer always makes promises that he can’t seem to keep and the abuse continues.

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7 responses to “Book Review: Just Beneath The Surface By R.H. Ramsey”

  1. gina valley Avatar

    Sounds good.
    I love a good suspenseful book.

  2. DelSheree Avatar

    This sounds like a very emotional book. Definitely a hard topic to write about, but it sounds like it was well done. I’ll have to check it out. Thanks for the review.

  3. Ann Harrison Avatar

    This story sounds intense!


  4. Real Army of Moms Avatar

    You did a wonderful job of reviewing the book. And thank you for talking about the abuse. It is so important to talk about it so that if it happends so someone they know they are not alone.

  5. Karen Dawkins Avatar

    Thanks for this review. Sounds like a dark but real book.

  6. Courtney~Mommy LaDy Club Avatar

    It’s always a very brave thing to talk about difficult issues, and I think it does help others. Great review!

  7. Rebel Sweetheart Avatar

    Wow. This book seems to be laden with all sorts of emotions, seeing how intense the plot is. Thanks for sharing!