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Calling All Super Readers – Super Why ABC Board Game for Toddlers

Super Why ABC GameMy youngest son wanted me to get down on the floor to play with him a few nights ago but I have trouble getting down on the floor to play. So we suggested that he find a game or something to do that we could enjoy together at the kitchen table. He kept wanting me to play with his cars but I didn’t want to scratch up the kitchen table. Instead, I told him to go get his “Super Why ABC” board game. He brought it to me and I grabbed a few goodies to snack on while we played a few games together.

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post, this game was give to my son as a Christmas present and I thought I would share it with my readers. This post contains affiliate links.

I set up the game board and asked my youngest son to pick out a character that he wanted to play with.I was impressed because this board game helps you teach your child how to count from 1 to 4, simple sight words, rhyming words, early reading skills, letter recognition, matching, and spelling. As your child makes their way around the board, they have to draw a character card that matches the character that they landed on with each turn. Your child has to complete each task before the next person gets to go. Depending on your child’s reading levels, you may have to assist them with a few tasks. The first person who makes it to the finish line first is declared the winner.

My youngest son really enjoyed spending time playing together. Little did he know he was actually learning a few things while he was busy playing a board game. He even beat me twice (I was horrible at the game and had to have him help me).

This game is rated for children 3 years of age and older. My son is a bit too young to grasp all of the concepts but you can easily tailor or it or help your child. You can also use this game as a teaching tool to help your child learn how to recognize their letters, count from 1 to 4, and even learn a few sight words. This game requires 2 to 4 players.

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  1. Tanya @ Mom's Small Victories Avatar

    This looks great, my preschooler loves SuperWhy! I didn’t know there was a board game!