How to Choose the Perfect Rug for Your Kid’s Room

How to Choose the Perfect Rug for Your Kid’s Room

How to Choose the Perfect Rug for Your Kid’s RoomDecorating children’s room happens to be more challenging than decorating an adult space. After all, kids are the toughest crowd since forever and you need to decorate their space just right to make them happy. Naturally, decorating a child’s space depends on their age, interests, type of personality and the purpose they are going to be sing the room for. Further, you have to think about practicality of the space as kids tend to be rather messy and unconscious of their environment.

One the key elements of any space are rugs. They tend to give space cohesion, set the tone and ambiance of the space and bring interesting patterns into the mix. You obviously need a great rug for your child’s room, so here are some shopping pointers that will help you decorate your child’s space:

Use and Purpose

Before actually purchasing a rug be sure what sort of use it will have. First, and way too conventional a thought when talking about rugs is that their primary and only use is to keep your feet warm and be stepped on. What most users don’t get is that rugs are there to give space a tone in terms of décor and ambiance. Also, different area rugs combined together can turn a simple, even boring space into an amazing playroom interior. Further, think about the purpose of the rugs – are you going to be using them for decorative purposes, for separating certain areas or just for comfort?

Size and Shape

Buying an area rug needs to be well thought out. Think of the space it needs to cover….half room, play area, reading area, etc.

Great thing is that rugs can be of different shapes, especially if they are custom-made. Some of the most common shapes of area rugs are round, square, rectangle, octagonal, oval, or one of many other shapes.

Type of Room

Nursery Room

Bringing a baby home is exciting in itself! There’s probably nothing as thrilling as your little bundle of joy seeing her home for the first time. Yet, in order to bring her to a friendly environment you need to put much thought into planning and decorating, revising the potential goals of the baby for the room. So, what can a baby do between infancy and becoming a toddler? She will try crawling, then walking, there will be falling here and there and ultimately her goal will be to explore! Hopefully, your cuteness won’t have to fall on the hard floor as you will provide a perfect area rug for her.

Area rugs can be placed over carpet or hard surface floors. Even if hardcore spills happen, the area rug can easily be rolled up and taken to the rug cleaners or even spot cleaned.

Boy’s or Girl’s Room Rugs and Carpet

Choosing rugs for your kid’s bedroom should also have to do something with their preferences. If you’ve got a girl, you should choose something gentle, cute and sweet (of course, if that’s what your daughter is into). For a boy, you should probably go with something more bold and masculine – like cars, motorbikes, Batman themed rugs and similar.

Since the color, pattern and theme of a rug/carpet set the basis for the room, you should also look not to choose something that will much stand out from the rest of the room décor.

We’d always suggest bringing your child shopping with you so he/she can choose the type of rug he/she likes best. Of course, you’ll be there to channel things.

Material and Construction

Durability of rugs is definitely dependant on the construction and material you opt for. The most common fibers are nylon, wool, and olefin. Nylon is probably the best option for a kid’s bedroom as it is the most durable, resisting soil, stain, and fading.

Wool has an elegant and luxurious look and feel and is appropriate for older kids’ rooms or baby nurseries. It also holds up to foot traffic but has moderate soil and stain resistance. To make the place look more luxurious and rich, go with shaggy rugs or any similar design that will give the space that special, gorgeous vibe.

When choosing area rugs for your kids’ space make sure you go with as colorful options possible as that way you will bring life into the space and give your children the reason to have fun there and enjoy the time they spend in their rooms.

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Do you allow your child to choose their own area rug for their bedroom?

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  1. Lexie Lane Avatar

    This is honestly really helpful. We were just thinking about this and what the perfect rug for our living room would be. My son loves to play in the living room and we just think it would be more comfortable for him.

  2. Danette Lykins Avatar

    Wonderful tips- I love our area rugs… Thanks for sharing!

  3. Lisa Martin Avatar

    I need to get a new rug for my sons room. This post will help to pick him out a new one!

  4. Eliz Frank Avatar
    Eliz Frank

    We have parts of our home that is carpeted and parts that are wood floors. The living room has rugs that we selected, but all the bedrooms have carpeting. Personally, I love area rugs because you can choose different ones for each room and create a fun color scheme.