Deep Clean Your Kitchen and Living Room Quickly and Easily Using These Tips

Cleaning Products for Cleaning the Living Room and KitchenDo you spend your weekend trying to get some cleaning accomplished?  Most women usually end up cleaning on Saturday mornings, especially, if the younger kids are still asleep.  This is a perfect time to clean up the kitchen and the living room.  Cleaning up these two rooms doesn’t have to take more than a few hours to deeply clean the two rooms.

If you have children, don’t be afraid to get them to help with the household chores. Kids often enjoy helping out around the house. Check out my post: Fun Ways to Get Your Child Involved In Helping With the Household Chores.

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7 responses to “Deep Clean Your Kitchen and Living Room Quickly and Easily Using These Tips”

  1. Jana Avatar

    Great, fast cleaning tips for the self employed.. will print this and put it by the computer ! Could really do with a fast laundry/ironing plan for the week, complete with a couple of common stain-buster techniques.. just saying 🙂 !

    1. Christy Avatar

      Jana I wish I had a quick and easy way to do laundry and ironing. The only thing I can think of is to get your kids to help if you have any or hire someone to help. As far as stains go, I love my steamcleaner. It is great for spills and messes that involve liquid. Mine has an upholstery attachment so it works great on the furniture as well.

  2. Liz @ Pardon My Poppet Avatar

    What a difference just a few steps make in taking a room from frumpy to fabulous! Thanks for the great advice!

  3. rhonda Avatar

    Awesome tips. I always enjoy visiting – I think the clutter is sometimes mistaken for a true mess, and once that clutter is kept tidy, it makes things a lot easier. I definitely agree. Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. Susan MomBlogger Avatar

    What great tips – I do often forget some of the “little” things when cleaning – now I feel the need to deep clean my kitchen after reading this post! lol

  5. Theresa Avatar

    Great tips. I am a clean as you go kind of person. I do a big job of cleaning everything on Monday. Then the rest of the week is spot clean. See a mess, clean it up. That way I don’t feel so overwhelmed doing a huge job later.

  6. Hilda Faherty Avatar

    I’m a cleaning junky and I do everything possible to keep my home clean and organized. I really appreciate your tips! I’ll try them! Longford Carpet Cleaners Ltd.