Six Educational (and fun) Outings for Pre-schoolers

Six Educational (and fun) Outings for Pre-schoolers

Six Educational (and fun) Outings for Pre-schoolersThere are plenty of educational games and activities to enjoy with your preschool-aged child at home, but sometimes it’s good to get out in the world and learn something new. Field trips can break up your routine and stimulate both of your minds, while spending some special time together with your little one. Stuck for inspiration? Try one of these six fun outings!


Fresh air, fuzzy animals, and loud tractors – what’s not for kids to love at the farm? Many farms offer tours, petting areas, and agricultural demonstrations to teach children about life on a working farm. You may need to contact the farm in advance to arrange a visit, although some are open to the public on a year-round basis. Visiting the farm allows your child to learn more about where your food comes from, from vegetable patches to dairy cows. Pick up some fresh produce while you’re there and cook something together at home with it.

Dance or Musical Performance

Musical performances provide the opportunity for children to use a different part of their brains, build listening skills, and nurture an appreciation of art. Pop by the local sing-a-long session at your library with your young toddler, or dress up for a matinee performance at the symphony or ballet if your child is more mature.If you’re interested in learning more about how music factors into child development, you might want to take a look at childcare courses like these!

Walking Trail

When the weather’s nice, there’s nothing like taking a day trip to the closest park for a good, long, ramble. Choose a walking trail that follows a river or pond to show your kids the unique animals that live in these habitats. Identify birds, plants, and fish as you take your walk and draw pictures of them when you get back home. Collect leaves for art projects, or bring along a few picture books for some quiet time in the great outdoors.

Grocery Store

Although you probably already take your child to the grocery store on an all-too-regular basis, you can transform the experience into a special outing. Call ahead and see if you can get a behind the scenes tour, or turn your shopping list into a scavenger hunt.

Children’s Museum

Although not all pre-schoolers are ready for art museums just yet, they can all appreciate the hands-on learning experience at a children’s museum. These may offer science exhibits, messy play, and replicas of real world situations such as the grocery store or subway. There are children’s museums in most major cities, and many offer annual memberships if you want to make your outing a regular one.

Fire Station

Instill the basics of fire safety at an early age by taking your wee ones to the local fire station. Call ahead to make sure it’s a good time. Some stations are open to the public throughout the year, while others have special open days for children. Learn about fire safety while climbing the fire engine and meeting firefighters!

Try scheduling an outing at least once a month to give your busy, active toddler a change of scene. You’ll both enjoy it!

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What is your child’s favorite place to go on a field trip?




10 responses to “Six Educational (and fun) Outings for Pre-schoolers”

  1. Erika Avatar

    I have been shocked in my advocacy efforts lately to realize that most people have no concept of where their food comes from … They say we are killing plants by eating a vegetable. Well, I had the privilege of growing up with a dad who gardened, so I am well aware that we can pick apples and tomatoes without killing anything. I wish more people had a more intimate connection with their food supply. So I wholeheartedly support a farm visit.

    1. Christy Avatar

      I think the farm visit is a great idea. I know that my kid visited a farm to get pumpkins in the fall. I don’t know what all they showed them. Farming is tough work and most people take food for granted. Thank you for sharing Erika.

  2. Czjai Reyes-Ocampo Avatar

    This is a great list! Save for the walking trail, my son and I have been to these places before and he had the most fun at the farm and at the museum. 🙂

    1. Christy Avatar

      Yes, most of the time the farm will have activities for the kids to do or watch.

      I hope you and your son can hit up the walking trail soon.

  3. Jessica Avatar

    Some great ideas. We have visited an apple orchard and a fire station with preschool so far this year.

    1. Christy Avatar

      I haven’t ever been to an apple orchard. I am not sure if they have one in Texas, it’s kinda hot and humid where I am at. My grandmother used to have apple and peach trees. Plus, they had a garden so I was used to them growing food to eat. I used to help my grandpa with the garden. I haven’t tried gardening either. I’m tempted to try a tomato plant in a planter.

  4. Jessica Beal Harlow Avatar
    Jessica Beal Harlow

    These are all great ideas! My preschooler got to go to the grocery store on her big sister's field trip and it was really great for all of us! It made her realize that yep, milk really comes from cows…not just the grocery store! lol

  5. Christy Garrett Avatar

    That is neat. I remember going to the state fair as a kid to visit the live stock area. They showed us how cows were milked. I don't know if they still do that at stock shows or the fair anymore.

  6. Robin Chiacchieri Ruehrwein Avatar

    Those are all awesome ideas. My kids always liked going to the fire station when they were little.

  7. Pamela Bluehs Rote Avatar
    Pamela Bluehs Rote

    When my kids were little we hit every place on your list multiple times–THE FARM was always a fun trip! But I have to say the assortment of Childrens Museum along the East Coast and Canada we hit were AMAZING!!!