Can You Really Find the Right Church for Your Family

Can You Really Find the Right Church for Your Family?

Can You Really Find the Right Church for Your FamilyA few years ago, I realized the importance of taking my children to church and that they had the chance to grow up in a Godly home.  I wanted them to grow up knowing Jesus and to be raised with the support of a church family.  Like most people, at some point in my life I stopped going to church because I didn’t feel connected, I felt like I was doing fine on my own, that I didn’t have time to go to church, or have a church to call my home. Most people will tell you that you don’t have to go to church in order to have a real relationship with Jesus which is true to a certain degree.  Plus, there is a wide variety of media available for Christians to surround themselves with that they might find that they don’t need to attend church to be a Christian.  After all you can watch sermons on television, listen to worship music on the radio or online, read the bible, listen to the bible using your computer or smartphone, listen to podcasts, subscribe to daily devotionals, and so much more all in the convenience of your home, car, or office.  But there is one thing missing from all of these fancy options.

Why Should We Go to Church?

Many people often believe that we go to church to listen to the songs, attend bible lessons, and listen to the preacher preach a great sermon but there is more to a church than this.  When people refer to the word church, people often think of church is being defined as a building where like-minded people go to attend religious services.  However, without people there wouldn’t be a church or a need for a building.  The church’s reach is far greater than the four walls that surround the church’s building.  The people are what make up the church and Jesus wants us to attend church so that we can encourage each other, hold each other accountable without judgement, support one another, love one another, take care of spoken and unspoken needs, and share the love of Jesus Christ.  We were made and designed to be around people.

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4 responses to “Can You Really Find the Right Church for Your Family?”

  1. Tiffany Avatar

    This is such a wonderful post. I am a point with my current choice now where I am making the decision whether to join…I too want my children to have a good foundation. They love the church and the activities it offers so I feel it is the right fit and the right time.

  2. Donna "Blendermom" Avatar

    I absolutely love this post and agree wholeheartedly with your thoughts and reasons for giving your children a good foundation through church!

  3. Shakilah Bailey-Daniel Avatar
    Shakilah Bailey-Daniel

    Great post!

    1. Christy Avatar

      Thank you.