How To Deal With Your Child’s Mobile Phone Activities


If your child is in teenager, they often feel they are expected to having their own mobile phone. As per the survey conducted by Pew Research Centre, around three-fourth’s of all children belong to this particular age group and most own a smart phone. This report left some people sort of worrying about teenagers and their kid’s smart phone usage. During recent years, teens are participating in many recorded activities based on these issues.

There are many options available for kids, as well as teens, to participate in mischievous behavior on their mobile phones. Some do not do it intentionally but it happens unknowingly. They are involved in the latest scary activity called sexting. This activity involves sharing nude or semi-nudes images and videos. There is a chance of involving in bullying activities. These are the issues that most parents are facing in current technological world.

You can use a mobile applications to track cell phone activities.  These applications are useful in both professional and personal capacities. Once installed on a target device, such app (like that you can monitor phone messages, call histories, locations, emails, and even use the phone’s built-in microphone to record their surroundings.

Here are some tips to manage the mobile activities of your child:

Set some rules. Parents should determine the ground rules that they wish to impose on their child’s mobile phone usage. These rules include the activities such as texting, allowing them to call during a particular time of a day only. Limit the usage of mobile phone by setting limiting the amount of time that they can use. Teaching phone etiquette is must for all the children to avoid the potential troubles.

Discuss the pros and cons. After establishing the rules, have a personal discussion with your child and ensure that they realize that every activity is monitored so that you and your kids are on the same page when determining the appropriate usage of their mobile phone.

Monitor usage. You can easily supervise your teen’s mobile phone easily.  You can only allow them have their phone during specific times of the day, view the billing account so that you can verify the number of minutes are being utilized and texts being sent, or you can also use spy programs that will run in the backdrop.  Spy programs collect all information about what they are doing on their phone.

Give penalties. Follow up with any penalties, that were first laid out, if they violate the directions. Doing this once or twice should help them to follow the rules, particularly if the consequence means losing the cell telephone for a couple of days at a time.

Pay attention. If you see your children being sneaky with the mobile phone, or that your account shows texting is being done after bedtime, take action immediately. They are likely doing certain things they want to hide from you, which could put their security into question.

Millions of children and teens have cell phones, a cell phone gives them a reliable way to hold in touch with their parents. But it can also put them in danger with bullies, they may be doing things that are against the rules, or other things that parents may not be aware of.

Linda Waters, works at mSpy and writes about kids’ mobile activities and the ways to protect children both online and offline. She loves creating interesting gadget reviews.

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Do you monitor your child’s cell phone usage and activities?


5 responses to “How To Deal With Your Child’s Mobile Phone Activities”

  1. Steph Avatar

    Christy, this is such an important topic in today’s world as you know~ I appreciate how you always include excellent research along with realistic tips to use~ I see so many parents completely overwhelmed with their children’s use of mobile phones and social media so it’s refreshing to see your work as an excellent parenting resource~ Thank you for all you do~ S~

  2. Heidi Avatar

    Great article! While I do not have this kind of software on my daughter’s phone, my husband and I do monitor her messages via surprise checks regularly.

  3. Jenn Willey Avatar

    My children are not yet of the age for cell phones, but I have a lot of friends who have teens with phones. Such an important topic no matter the age. Parents need to be prepared and aware!

  4.  Avatar

    Time control is very essential. Rules don't always help so monitoring children on a daily basis is rather better. Teaching them etiquettes is possible when we know what they don't know about etiquettes so by looking at the recorded logs of their online comments and web search a lot can be learned about their lack of online etiquettes. Similar to mSpy there is PhoneSheriff ( www, ) which comes with a multiple time restrictions too, GEO fencing to alert parents if kids go beyond a virtual fence and logs full mobile phone activities.

  5. Kelly R Avatar

    We monitor my daughters cell phone. I also set limits with our carrier so there are things she can and can’t do.